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  1. 50/25 up/down mbps talked to ISP (ATT) who said I should be getting 1/1 Gbps in a month or so
  2. I could see X-Plane for 12 or something down the line they might partner with google for map data. But for streaming they might introduce a subscription model like Infinite Flight has. Anyway competition is always good to see, especially when it comes to the world of simulation! 😉
  3. posted in update thread for today, but I did also get in too. Ryzen 7 1700 16GB Ram GTX 1080 HP - 580-023w (Desktop; tho I do use a another case due to bigger GPU).
  4. @MikeT707 yeah, i got my email at same time (CST) too. tho I was able to see access in the insider hub earlier.
  5. So... I'M IN 16 GB RAM RYZEN 7 1700 GTX 1080 signed up in November; or whenever the earliest sign-up time was.
  6. @simtom Self Promoting Again, Eh? 😛 cool on the formation flyin!
  7. Looking good as always 😉 Really nice to see that snow pic; gonna have a fun time flying into Aspen and Eagle Co. Also, cool pic there of Gibraltar, wonder if it'll be the version of the road going across the airfield or around it? Hope to see Madeira soon as well 😉
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Pixio-Professional-FreeSync-Certified-Compatible/dp/B07CNDK2XG I've been using this monitor for a couple of weeks now and I gotta say it's worked out quite well (is also g-sync compatible). Only thing is with VA Monitor Displays is if you push the overdrive setting too far you can get some hard ghosting (I have mine set to medium overdrive and it works out quite well).
  9. the reflections on the cockpit are quite nice! @simtom here's again hoping for 16 GB Ram Fam!
  10. https://www.flightsimulator.com/save-the-date-04-21-20/ Looks like it was a specs announcement.
  11. I'm surprised at how fast was released! I wonder if we'll see build sooner?
  12. Saw link via a thread on Reddit; the high altitude looks interesting. https://imgur.com/a/pbatH4w
  13. Microsoft (like Activision) is a large company and they could probably get away with putting in liveries because of this. However, due to the complexity of the sim and their work with it, I think it's unlikely we'll see em put the extra work into putting official liveries on the aircraft.
  14. I've been registered since early September and I won't be holding my breath till I see others getting an email. That said I wish ya the best of luck for getting in it.
  15. This is just amazing (from Episode 7); thx Asobo! https://ibb.co/4m2jDw1
  16. They could have it perhaps; over near where I live (Champaign, IL) there is a little rc airport that's also occasionally used for crop dusters.
  17. Kinda sad to see the multiplayer video delayed, but understandable given the virus situation. Since I signed up early for the alpha, here's hoping I get into it (16 GB ram fam). Stay Safe Asobo! 😉
  18. The screenshot by, djays72, I think is one of the places from a Battlefield 1 Map. Either way, the detail is breathtaking!
  19. The Burj Khalifa one is just bloody amazing! I also like the one where you can see the terrain on the navigation system, reminds me of what you would get graphically wise with some of the older flight sims; except this time it's part of the navigation system!
  20. of course simtom would promote his own picture 😛
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