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  1. The Burj Khalifa one is just bloody amazing! I also like the one where you can see the terrain on the navigation system, reminds me of what you would get graphically wise with some of the older flight sims; except this time it's part of the navigation system!
  2. of course simtom would promote his own picture 😛
  3. I was able to figure out it's from Episode 3 (Aerodynamics) Thanks!
  4. I noticed at about 7:33 in the video that you can see through the windows inside a bit, and the other side as well. I'm guessing that we may actually get modeled interiors!
  5. it's looking quite well I'm over in Urbana and I hoping Frasca Field (C16) is well done on it!
  6. I saw the A380 at the jetway, but I also saw this and am wondering what it is? A330 neo? https://ibb.co/KqRzLM5
  7. Take this with a grain of salt, but I saw this posted on Reddit saying that they got in with 16 GB ram. https://ibb.co/M7ww1Nd
  8. hey asobo, my bday was on the 7th of this month. It would be great if I got in 😉 username: DJLoubar and here goes the childish pandering on my parte!
  9. Towards the end of the new video there is a new plane, I think an A330? https://ibb.co/D9WhzmX
  10. Given how the icing weather effect will impact the aerodynamics of the aircraft and if engine/fuselage stress will be present as part of the sim. As for the 2nd parte, as to how said effects will effect the performance of the sim; will it work smoothly or will there be some noticeable performance drop (loss of frames, stutter, visual bugs, etc.)
  11. I would reckon that they might decide to include a 777 or 787 over the 747, as it isn't used as much these days. Albeit, I would still like to see em all 😉
  12. I quite like the icing on the plane; it'll be interesting to see how it will impact not only the performance of the aircraft, but also the sim itself.
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