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  1. Hi and Happy New Flying Year 2020 ! ✈️ I'm ready to buy GTN 750 XP Reality but I notice the Airacs are Databases cycle 1809 and actually I get Navigraph FMS with AIRAC cycle : 2001. ( Aivlasoft, ASXP, pilot2ATC ). Do you know if it is possible to get newer Airacs for this item ? By the way, I would like to thank Bert who helped me a lot with Garmin GNS 530-430 !
  2. Bonjour, J'essaie de trouver une solution à ce problème: chaque fois que je souhaite changer le bouton de la fonction CDI de GPS à VLOC sur Garmin GNS 530 Reality XP, un message apparaît pour indiquer que "la clé CDI est désactivée". J'ai vérifié toutes les fonctions de l'appareil, tout est correct. Est-ce que quelqu'un a une idée pour m'aider? 😉
  3. hello everyone, I've just bought two Garmin GNS 430&530 Reality XP new generation to fly away in Xplane 11 with aircarfts that are equiped with. Flying in real conditions with Garmin's is really awesome...till I discovered that they are completly out of date...with navdata. I use FMS Manager, Navigraph charts, pilot2ATC, simbrief etc... When I import flightplans made with softwares I mentionned above, "locked waypoints" message appears and I can' use them. when comparing flightplans made with Reality XP and those made with updated softwares ( 2019 ), navdata in RXP are out of date...Does anybody have an idea to suggest because I'm trying to find a solution to update Garmin's on web but didn't find anythig. When I disconned Reality XP plugin and when I use normal gns by default in Xplane, everything is ok...
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