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  1. I tried it out, I'll see if it works tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
  2. I know this probably sounds like a stupid question, but where's the fsx.cfg file? i spent a good while looking around to no avail.
  3. Here's A Screenshot Of My Problem Like I said, its a disappointing twist to an otherwise satisfactory scenery.
  4. thanks for all the replies on my first post guys! Unfortunately I don't know how to put in a photo yet but for now I will try to describe it. All the gates (where the yellow and red ground markings are) are just black squares. There are no textures there (at least I suspect) and it just makes the otherwise amazing airport disgusting.
  5. Ok guys, so in October I got Imaginesim KATL for FSX and right off the bat when I downloaded it the gates had black squares where the gate markings on the ground would normally be. I put this on the back burner until now because i really want to fly from Atlanta. Every single gate has this problem EXCEPT B25 (which i coincidentally flew from back in 2018)... On top of this, the operations center is completely broken for me. All it wants to do is ask for my order info and make me redownload the scenery over and over. I tried contacting imaginesim back in October to no avail. And yes, I did purchase this legitimately.
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