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  1. Hey Roman, thank you so much for sharing. I downloaded it and will install it tonight. Wow, it´s amazing how much details you all seem to know about your airports. I really respect this. I live directly nearby EDDF and can see my house from a real plane during approach of 25L. Still I don´t know so many details about the history of my own airport 🙂 I wish you all the best with your (our) passion. Best regards
  2. @fppilot: Thank you, so at least it seems I installed it correctly. I also installed the Alpha India Buildings... without success... @W2DR: Thank you for your warm welcome I really appreciate you cummunity and I share your spirit for Sim-Aviation, having a 460GB Installation of FSX with over 700 registred FS Passengers flights and a small desktop cockpit. I have created an Excel File, which randomly choses from which airport I have to fly to which - now it has chosen KGRB and I am almost always install a 3party scenery when I visit an airport... so I am looking for one.... 🙂
  3. Dear all, I hope this questions might be in the correct section - I didn´t see another matching one... I am trying to find a KGRB scenery. The one in the Avsim Library is great, but I have this issue with "having no walls" in the terminal building, where the gangways are. The whole building looks like a carport. A roof, but no walls. The rest of the scenery is fine. Then I bought Megaearthscenery Wisconsin. But the included scenery for KGRB was..... well, not quite nice. Then I heard about the Green Bay X Scenery from OZX - but nowhere in the whole net this work is available to get - only everyone says how great it is. It there anybody of you who can send me something usable? Maybe a solution for the missing walls or the OZX Version? Thank you all and happy flying!
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