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  1. Hmm 26€ for the Concorde ... I'll check the forums to see if there are any showstopping bugs on it first, but I'm tempted.
  2. This happens because your system is switching from online (Azure server) to offline (Windows) voice synthesis. Why ? Internet trouble. It could be on your side, it could be on the server side, no idea. If you want to insure you always have the same "accent", there is one easy solution : go to the options and select "Offline" voice synthesis. MSFS will then always use the Win10 voice synthesis, that does not depend on Internet's health.
  3. I use both G1000 and GNS430/530 planes with my X-Touch through AxisAndOhs. Layer B of the X-Touch is my GPS layer. I'd say 80% of the G1000 works (notable omission : map zooming/moving. Asobo will fix it ... someday), and unless I'm forgetting something 100% of the SimConnect commands for the GNS430/530 work. I don't fly jetliners so won't help with the A320, but ask away if you have a specific question about the Garmins.
  4. Great news then. 🥰 If you mean the in-game MSFS marketplace then no; Orbx has their own marketplace system outside of MSFS.
  5. Unless I'm mistaken, this livery is already available (at the usual site). Poor plane ... I really have to try and land a DC-6 at Candle 2. I went for a check in a Cub and I think it can be done, the terrain is flat enough even though MSFS does not know it as an airfield. But it's neither long or wide, it should be interesting ...
  6. Same with all planes, it's a MSFS SU5 thing. I've heard that if you modify your mouse settings to change your "freelook" button from right-click to middle-click, the problem disappears. Not a super satisfying solution of course, I'll wait for the fix myself. As I mostly fly VR, I can live with this bug for a while.
  7. This was the first plane I bought for MSFS, I did the first 1/3 of my world tour with it as I liked it a lot. The good: - 3D model & texturing is good as always with Carenado - visual "gimmicks" : ground power unit, openable cabin & cargo doors - once the elevator is tweaked (see below), it has a good flight model that feels realistic for a 182 (I'm not a real pilot though). The bad: - Some people don't like the engine noise, especially in external view. I don't fly external, and I find the engine noise fine, it doesn't sound that far from what I hear on Youtube for a TIO-540 engine. - The only avionics option is the G1000. - The elevator is too sensitive ; in the MSFS Options, I duplicated the default settings for my yoke and made a custom setup for this plane, with sensitivity turned way down, that fixes the problem 100%, I just have to remember switching options when switching planes. - The climbing performance is a bit too strong, expect at least 500fpm better performance than what the POH says. And beeing a Marketplace plane, no way to correct this. So it's a good plane, I had tens of hours of very pleasurable flights with it, I don't regret buying it at all. But would I buy it today, with a much bigger choice ? Probably not. I've gotten bored of glass avionics, and if I need to fly a GA plane at high altitude, I'll fly the JustFlight Turbo Arrow or the (modded) Trinidad TB-21GT instead. Also, I don't think I'll ever buy from the marketplace again. A lot of delay to get updates, and I need to be able to tweak my planes. 🙂
  8. The G1000 has been removed in a recent update, I think.
  9. They did ... 😵 Oh, I get it, I can reproduce it : I have selected gboz's text from your answer to him and hit the quote button, and the forum software picked your name. Oh well.
  10. It means the automatic gear extension system is switched off. The emergency gear extension + autoextension overriding switch is between the seats.
  11. It reminds me of this xkcd joke ...
  12. Oh yes, I should have posted it too, thank you (though the bulleted list seem to have suffered in the copy/paste 😉). Btw, I send a mail to LHC to know if they'd be interested to merge some of my mods back into the offical version, as it woud make everyone life's simpler, no answer yet.
  13. So Just Flight is fixing reported bugs, communicating about it ahead of release, and make their planes available outside of the MS marketplace ? If they're trying to lure me in as a customer .......... They're doing it right.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Are there issues with Asobo's management of icing? Yes, it's a bit "aggressive". Should I fly an Arrow (or any other GA plane this size and age with default equipment) in icing conditions ? Certainly not. But that's the point ... Having fear of ice is part of the fun. I flew SeedyL's Cannonball event last year (a MSFS New York -> Los Angeles endurance race) in winter in a C172, and flying around icing clouds (and at times, failing, and becoming half-blind for half an hour) was a big part of the challenge. Glad to hear you're still thinking of adding icing support, I will certainly keep an eye on your work. And folks, sorry for continuing the hijack of this thread about the Carenado version, I'll shut up now. 🙂
  15. I was eagerly waiting for the JustFlight Arrows, but if this is true, I'm out. Addon plane builders are free to add whatever feature or not they like to the base sim, but not supporting a basic feature of the sim that all default planes support is not acceptable. IMHO of course.
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