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  1. It takes the place of the radio panel in the middle of the main panel. And yes, as always, it will slave to the NAV autopilot by clicking on GPS on the 750. Their 'custom' FMS is nothing more than a basic GPS. Snd don't forget, their XPlane versions no longer have "Thranhancements"... once they port it over that is...
  2. Seriously.... zero information.... not gonna sell many like that.
  3. Please don't tell me that there is a fake auto throttle again in version 3 ? IAS mode should be based on pitch... manual throttles only. Gee, if they do I hope it can be disabled.
  4. I think both the EJets and CRJ have a few problems that will probably be ironed out after a couple of patches. Both have their attractions though.
  5. Yes thnx. Just realised. Hopefully their coop with Just Flight will continue. Bye bye Carenado.
  6. Agreed. Only really interested if it improved by Thranda. Blurb refers to customised stuff, but no explicit reference to Thranda.
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