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  1. Wow. I don't really know what to say. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. I'm one of your customers since October 2019 and yet I have to search the internet for updates which I finally found in this thread. The update from 1,4 to 1,5 took already quite a while but still, everyone was happy as we received communication about it. We then gave feedback as deadline after deadline was missed. If it happens once, ok Happens twice, coincident. But after the third time it's a pattern. You promised (your customers) that you would release smaller updates and fixes rather than a big update which takes a year or longer. That worked after 1.5 as smaller updates were released. After that - nothing. 1.6 was pushed back and back, blaming bugs and compatibility issues in MSFS which we all know by now are nonsense. "It's important that Self-Loading Cargo v1.6 has full compatibility with the new simulator so that the boarding/deboarding workarounds are no longer required (amongst other things!). To ensure that is the case, we need to spend some time doing extended flights in MSFS without the simulator crashing to desktop due to the SimConnect bug. Of course, we can only do such testing once MSFS actually provide the update." And that was in February 2021, over half a year after the last hotfix. Fast forward and July approached: "Now the part I really need to say - I am acutely aware that the v1.6 update is delayed more than I ever thought it would be. Please be assured that SLC will be updating very soon, is much improved over v1.55 and I very much hope you enjoy using it when it does come out. I will be making a full statement shortly after it releases explaining why it was so delayed and how I will be taking steps to improve this going forward." That was in July 2021. Empty promises as nothing happend. Still blaming bugs in MSFS while P3D, FSX & x-Plane users were ignored. "This is still work in progress and is about 95% complete..." That was in October 2021, more than 1 year after the last hotfix was released. No wonder people were asking, what the problem was, why it was taking so long. Since then we haven't received any updates, nothing. No promised statement, no explanation, nothing. You told us that there was so much work, writing the manuel, test flights etc. So many people offered their help - for free. SLC has users from around the globe, a lot of them would've be happy to translate the manual or write it from scratch. So many people offered to be beta testers. But you ignored all that, you didn't want any help, any feedback or any input not only from the community but from your customers. I understand there were some users asking every time about an update. But can you really judge them? After literally years of false promises and excuses? It's hard to see that you wrote a post like this in the backdoors of AVSIM. Seeing you on Twitter posting this and that but can't be bothered to release a proper, official statement to your customers or update the website so potentially new customers would know what's going on is another story. And you really wonder why people think that SLC is dead or why rumors going around in all sorts of different FlightSim groups? I was a huge fan of SLC and I used it since October 2019. Now, nearly 3 years later I'm so disappointed and despite your post believe, we will never see 1.6. Although I hope deep inside of me that you prove us wrong. I created so many different aircraft layouts and even created y own soundpack which would be a massive improvement over the default sounds, especially those from your little daughter. There was just that bug in SLC which prevented me from finally release it and you told me in a private chat that it's a simple fix and it would be fixed in the next update. I'm still waiting for that. All your customers are still waiting for it. Yet your blaming your customers for all and playing the victim card. It's just a very sad story but I still hope that some day we will have a finished product. The product you promised us, the product you're still promising people on your website.
  2. Do you have the Nvidia audio driver installed by any chance? And your onboard audio driver? If so, delete the Nvidia audio driver. 😉 It's not GSX 😉
  3. You can't please everyone, we both know that. People could just record their own sounds, the community could do that but so far only a handful of people actually did that. I didn't liked the boarding sound and that's why I made a new one. I had this for nearly one year now and someone in a Facebook group asked if there's a way to replace it. So I thought why not share it. If people like it, fine. If not then they can just do their own or stick to the default ones. That's what a community is about. I understand how GSX works with the sounds and I'm glad that people start to modify stuff and share it with the community. @virtual I appreciate that you explained how the sounds. Gives me and others actually even more possibilities to modify the sounds. That way one could even make sounds specifically for an airline or so. Keep it up 🙂
  4. I don't really understand your issue. Download the rar file and unpack it. You'll find the files in that unpacked folder 🙂
  5. You can assign key shortcuts to the PMDG. In the FMC are options for stuff like that, same as for TO/GA etc. 🙂
  6. I know but GSX is a bit limited. It only uses one file for boarding and deboarding so we have to stick to one :(
  7. Hello everyone, GSX Boarding! Are you tiered hearing the same "Hello", "I'm right next to her", "I'm doing good" over and over again while boarding your flight? I made this little sound which will replace the default GSX boarding sound. Download link is in the video description. Happy flying Download here Please remove if not wanted or allowed :)
  8. Hi Andrew, Thanks for your reply. I made a quick video. In there you can see the issue. When both cards are plugged in and I start LINDA, the cards are the wrong way. I have to unplug both, then plug in the first card to get it work. LINDA 2 LB cards miss match I hope that helps. Oh btw, it does not happend when I use SPAD.next for example. In SPAD, everything works so I dont't think there's an issue with the cards. Thanks for your help ;) Kevin
  9. Hello, I need your help again. I have 2 Leo Bodnar BBI 64 Cards - Let's name them Card 1 and Card 2. I assigned commands to both cards. When I fire up my sim and start LINDA, the two cards are always switched. The assignment XY which I originally assigned to card 1 is not executed by card 2 and vice versa. Both cards have a unique serial number but somehow LINDA is mixing it up. I have to unplug both cards, plug in card one, press a button and then plug in card 2 in order to get it working. Can anyone help with this please? Thank you so much Kevin
  10. Hello everyone, I currently building my overhead panel. I used LINDA before with the VRinsight MCP Combo which works fine. Now with my overhead panel I noticed that a lot of functions are not present in the NGXu module. flight control panel, navigation panel and things like stall warning test etc. Am I missing something? I first thought I'm just blind but I checked everything I can't find these entries. Then I thought, maybe I can assign a button to a FSUIPC value or an event ID from PMDG but apparently that's not possible with LINDA, only key presses. Is there a way to add these missing functions? BTW I use Leo Bodnar BBI-64 cards so FSUIPC only sees 32 buttons. That means I'm unable to map all switches via FSUIPC. I hope someone can help me 🙂 Thanks 🙂
  11. Hi there, So I could use a BBI 64 card and Linda would actually recognize all 63 buttons which I then could assign? I'm planning to build an overhead panel to use with leo bodnars BBI 64 cards and the PMDG 737 NGXu. Would be awesome if you could confirm that :) Many thanks Kevin
  12. @FSC190 is it possible or you to do a step by step guide about how exactly you did this? That would be amazing and we all could still use it until a proper fix has been released. 🙂
  13. Hi Andrew. Is there a way to use LINDA and the VRinsight MCP Combo II with P3D v5 or is LINDA just not working with the changes in FSUIPC? Thanks :)
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