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  1. According to FSElite, Taxi2Gate's KSEA works with P3D v5. Can anyone talk me through the steps to install? By default it wants to install to a v4 directory (which I don't have installed). Many thanks
  2. So if I start at the gate and taxi out as normal...the AI planes should behave properly?
  3. Hi, Is there a key assignment for autothrottle disconnect? I'm looking in the Key Assignments options page and searching 'autothrottle' only brings up 'arm' and 'TOGA'. I'm looking to assign it a key so when flying the QW 787 I can disconnect on finals. Thanks
  4. Something has definitely gone wrong. Just discovered this program, ran it as per the readme files and this happens at SimWings LHR https://imgur.com/NffnGVY All inbound aircraft can't land on the runway and end up circling the airport...!
  5. I'm using QW 787 and I want to practice approach and landings. Is there any way to set this up without having to complete a whole flight (takeoff etc)? Cheers
  6. Is there any way to change the flight number of an aircraft without resetting the entire vehicle? For example, my outbound leg is BAW2022 and my return is BAW2023. I can't figure out how to change it without everything (vehicle, GSX etc.) resetting? Cheers
  7. Will it feature real world airlines?
  8. Fab thanks. How do I make it work with P3D5?
  9. I have been out of flight simming for a good ten years. I heard about MSFS and couldn't resist buying myself a brand new system based on its optimum settings. I downloaded P3D as I'm too impatient and wanted to get back into the flightsim world. Wow...what a disappointment. It's like stepping back into FS9. I am genuinely surprised. After ten years, I expected a big leap in the flight sim world, apparently not according to P3D. Thank god MSFS is on the horizon.
  10. Is there am addon airport for Bangkok Suvarnabhumi for v5? Thanks
  11. Do we know if any add one (specifically aircraft) will be available on launch day? Is there any idea of a schedule to update? Again, I’m thinking more PMDG, QualityWings, FSLabs etc.
  12. I'm trying to install and register FSUIPC4. After install, I'm asked for Name, Email, FSUIPC4 key but also a WideFS Key which I don't have. I've tried leaving the WideFS box blank, putting in the FSUIPC4 key as well. Can anyone help? There's nothing about this in the manual. Cheers
  13. Just done a quick experiment, jumping around different airports including FSDT KDFW and Fly Tampa LGAV etc. All at 30fps Go to SimWings EGLL and it drops to 13. Someone needs to develop a framerate friendly version of Heathrow...!
  14. Is there a DFW scenery for P3Dv5? Thanks
  15. Great, thanks for all this. - My monitor refresh rate is 59Hz - How do I overclock my CPU (sorry, newbie to all of this)? - I assume hyperthreading is on as I haven't turned it off and would surely be on as default? Cheers
  16. With all these settings changed and a FPS limiter of 30 added, I'm still only getting 12-13 fps at EGLL (SimWings) with QW 787. Seems really low and not at all enjoyable or immersive.
  17. Thanks for all the tips. How do I do this?
  18. Any tips on improving things based on my settings: https://imgur.com/WrlZ8JR https://imgur.com/510AKwC https://imgur.com/m8I4zF0 Many thanks
  19. What percentage would you advise leaving AI on?
  20. Looking at P3Dv5, the default airports are more comparable to FS9 than even FSX. FS2020 is a different league and will leave P3D trailing behind.
  21. Thanks, I've done this. Can I realistically run: QW 787 Aerosoft's EGLL AI ActiveSky Altogether?
  22. I don't get a 'Running out of VRAM', just straight crash. I'm using 1024 texture size so only medium.
  23. So, appears the hotfix hasn't stopped this happening https://imgur.com/dmFkwbj Flying into Aerosoft's EGLL with sliders as you recommended, began flare at 20ft, was stuttering so didn't really respond, the 787 crashed as she hadn't responded to my flare, then the sim itself crashed...after 10 hours from LAX!!! The only new thing was AI added...what kind of level of that should I have? I had it at 50%. It's all getting quite frustrating and having returned to simming after 10 years, I'm questioning whether it's really worth it as this is reminds me of why I gave it up when FSX came out.
  24. It's not my perception, it's my experience of reality...it's not realistic. This is a simulation and therefore should reflect what happens in the real world. It's like I'm flying through some bizarre Wonderland.
  25. I get that it exists and it's amazing when we see it. BUT, the majority of flights will not see it and as this is a simulation, I would like it to reflect reality more than fiction. Is there any way to remove it?
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