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  1. I did the same with v4.5 a few weeks ago and vowed NOT to tweak any config files after doing so stopped P3D working at all and in the end required a full reinstall of Windows 10 (actually not a bad thing to do to be honest). Anyway, I have now kept my Add-Ons to a minimum (ORBX stuff - scenery and airports, FSUICP - although as I learn more about the Controls option in P3D I use it less and less and often turn it off) and have installed them and any add-on planes using Admin rights. No problems. No stuttering, and frame rates b/w 25 and 30. The ONLY settings I play with in P3D are fixing frame rate to 30 and nothing else. Everything else is as installed. Again, works a treat. I also only turn on the ORBX scenery and other add-ons that I am actually using. Right now I'm flying a lot in Scotland so only have Scotland EU on and one airport. Finally, for whatever reasons, Chase Plane, which I had previously used, absolutely kills the frame rate on my computer so I am not using that. Instead I am playing with views using Lorbys Window utility. As it doesn't need to run when P3D runs and changes the camera.cfg and airplane.cfg (both of which I keep meticulous back ups of each time I make a change) there is no frame rate hit. I am a fiddler, no doubt, but keeping it in check has absolutely helped maintain the performance of P3D on my low end machine. As mentioned earlier, I doubt MSFS will run on my machine, so I'm really happy to stay with P3D and I am STILL buying scenery and planes when the desire takes me.
  2. I have only recently rediscovered Flight Sim (about 4-5 months ago as a way to cope with Covid Lockdown) and have spent way too much on scenery and planes and other add ons -- happily and with great satisfaction I might say! I am willing to wait and see which way the cookie crumbles for the next year or more and stick with P3D v4.5 and all my ORBX goodies til then.
  3. My computer runs P£D v4.5 really nicely (v5 just won't work on my system) and I have many of the ORBX scenery add ons. I have some great planes and honestly once I get flying looking out the window (from my fav GA planes) is fun but not the main game. I have doubts MSFS 2020 will run on my machine and I'm not too worried about it. I plan to try the new SIM on the $1 deal and if it works I guess I'll have two SIMs to play with but P3D will be number one until I decide (if ever) to get some more serious hardware.
  4. Thanks @ark and @mtr75I have just been playing around with the Rudder Trim (pre-take off and during flight) and it seems to be having a big effect, so I may have inadvertently set the rudder trim on an early flight and not realised. I also suspect @Chock that you are right it is a trimming and power issue. It's a lovely plane and Lionheart has done a great job, so I am going to persevere a little longer.
  5. Hi Mike - both tanks are full and fuel is set to unlimited, so not sure it's that.
  6. Hi there. I'm really enjoying Lionheart's Super Viking for P3D v4.5 but am finding that it has a tendancy to drift to the right if I stop using the yoke in level flight (or when climbing and descending for that matter). With the auto pilot on there are no problems, obviously. I have tried a few other planes to make sure there is nothing wrong with my Logitech Yoke and no issues. I have easy settings and no torque effect. Wind is 6 knots. Any suggestions most welcome. Maybe it's just the pull of the powerful engine and needs constant correction?
  7. @scianoir @Chock @HighBypass - thanks for the amazing insights and advice, and great new planes. Really happy with all of that and I've learned a lot from the above posts. I bought the Stearman and am going to try flying AND landing that over the next week before looking into any of the others. Will let you all know how it goes. Cheers Darren
  8. That quote "failure looking for somewhere to happen" made me laugh out loud. Very funny @Chock! I will give the 2000 a go. I love those huge wheels they have and until I can find myself an Avian it looks like it will do the job nicely. Thanks!
  9. Hi @scianoir I've nothing against American bi-planes and have been eyeing that Stearman so think I'll give it a go 🙂 Odd question, but any advice on landing Ant's Tiger Moth? I find it just jumps and bounces everywhere (most likely my lack of skills!) but as I've been mostly flying Carenado's excellent C152 trainer I'm a bit lost on the approaches b/c of the lack of flaps, etc. Do I just go in as slow as I can and then pull back?
  10. @scianoir Thanks for the reply Bill, appreciate it. Am currently using P3D and I tried to load Dave's Avro Avian but only the 2D panel appeared 😞 I really like bi-planes so am trying Ant's Tiger Moth but am finding that a bit of a fps hog so now back to searching. It's a shame no-one has made the Avro Avian since FS2004 as it's a well documented, pretty nice little plane. Cheers Darren
  11. Hi there. I am trying to find an Avro Avian. Ideally I'd like the 581E that Bert Hinkler flew in 1928 from London to Australia, but am happy for any variant. for P3D or FSX. I did find an FS2004 version by David Molyneaux but was wondering if there is a payware version that anyone is aware of. Thanks Darren
  12. LittleNavMap is really good. Lots of detail, live tracking of your flight from outside of the sim, but you can also load the Flight Plans it creates. Ongoing log book. And you can create Aircraft Profiles (a little complex) so it tracks fuel consumption, etc. And it's free.
  13. Yes, I have the Orbx Base and Vector - both really fantastic. I'm almost (!) toying with the idea of never looking at the FPS. I read somewhere recently to forget the FPS and just focus on "does it feel smooth". Apparently life is better that way 🙂
  14. @Chock @W2DR @DJJose @charliearon @Nuno Pinto Thanks all for you helpful feedback. The responses are quite reassuring and I will stick with FSX:SE as it is giving me the smooth flying with the few add-ons (mostly scenery) that I have. It's old and creaky like me so I think we're a good fit for now!
  15. Hi all - I hope this is the right place to post - if not apologies in advance! Since COVID hit I agreed with my wife that to stay sane during the lockdown I would choose a new hobby or go back to an old one. I chose Flight Sim which I was once really into but haven't looked at for 10+ years. My only computer is a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 specced below: Processor - 10th Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 - 4 cores, 8 threads, 1.30 → 3.90 GHz, 8MB SmartCache, 15W Graphics - Intel Iris Plus Graphics - 64 Execution Units, 300 → 1100 MHz Memory - 16GB - 3733 MHz LPDDR4X RAM Storage - 1 TB - BGA PCIe SSD I already know that if you were buying a machine to use flight sim it would NOT be this one :-) but this is such a wonderful computer for everything else I need it for and I do not have the space or desire for a second machine. I also have the various Logitec Yoke, Throtlle and Rudders. So the set up is portable, I can put it away, and bring it out quickly. So, to my selection dilmena. I have tried X-Plane 11 (utter fail - deleted the demo bc the Surface is under powered), P3D v5 (utter fail - returned as I could not get past an error screen which suggested I didn't have the right type of graphics card), P3D v4.5 - not bad. Frame rates for P3D v4.5 around 10-15 with an ORBX region (EU Scotland) or the Base, Vector + OpenLC loaded and a plane from A2A (172) or MilViz (Beaver). So I thought I wonder if FSX:SE would be better as surely the above machine would have been state of the art back in the day and I had bought a copy of FSX:SE for £3.99 in a sale a few years ago when I was thinking of restarting the hobby but had never used it. The result, with the EXACT same Add Ons from ORBX loaded, an add-on plane, and nothing else, I am getting frame rates of 30-100 (although I lock it now at 30 and hit that 90% of the time - and the flying is smooth). And not all, but most of the Graphics sliders are in the Max and Ultra region, and I'm using the DX 10 fix. Everything looks good, flies well, etc. BUT I have a nagging doubt that if I configure it "correctly" my P3D v4.5 will be better that FSX. Any thoughts and advice? Should I stick with FSX or bite the bullet and go back to P3D and just learn to tweak it til I get the right frame rates???
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