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  1. The specs isn’t the problem why have I dropped from 40 to 8 FPS instantly
  2. I haven’t upgraded to V5.2 yet
  3. Hello, I was preparing for a flight yesterday and so updated my aerosoft a330 professional by installing the new updater, I then also installed imaginesim Atlanata and when I loaded into the sim I went from my normal 40 fps to around 8. I have tried all aircraft at loads of airports and I keep getting this huge loss in performance. I uninstalled these two addons and I am still getting the problem. I don't really want to reinstall P3D as it will take me days to get back to the same place I am at. My specs are: GTX 1070 8GB, Ryzen 5 1600af, 1TB SSD, 16GB 2800MHZ RAM. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Cool that sounds fine I’ll do that then, thanks
  5. Thanks, if I was to get a 500GB ssd, would it be fine keeping all of my addon scenery for now still on the HDD? Like cause I have a lot and don’t want to pay too much for multiple ssds.
  6. In the last few times I've installed P3D, I always find overtime as more scenery and aircraft are installed, the performance slowly drops, as I am running it on a HDD, is there any chance this could be fixed by installing on an SSD?
  7. Thanks everyone for your help, at the moment my PC is extremely bottlenecked as I have a decent CPU but am still waiting for my GPU to come so at the moment it is fragile and small changes can massively change performance but I've messed around with some settings and managed to get back to 30FPS with the sim still looking decent, thanks.
  8. Not sure if this is at all related, this started when it didn’t let me register SODE in the SODE menu when I reinstalled SODE and it still doesn’t, I had to make a custom entry, anyone have any ideas if this could be linked?
  9. I deleted both of my addons.cfg, the one in program data and the one in appdata and that hasn’t fixed it
  10. Yeah I was using the project fly addon editor to add some scenery and project fly crashed messing up my addons.cfg so I thought I fixed it but not well enough
  11. I deleted my P3D CFG and reset some other stuff at the same time and I'm still getting the lower fps, this started to happen just the other day whilst I was messing around with my addons cfgs, any chance this could have anything to do with it?
  12. It's the 2GB version and supports directx12 so meets minimum requirements for my V4, have got a GTX1650 super on order but it's taking forever due to COVID. I'll have a go with the CFG cheers
  13. Hello, I reinstalled P3D the other week and I was averaging about 30fps in the FSLABS on low to medium settings, 40fps in the aerosoft a330 and 40fps in the QW787. For some reason suddenly the performance has dropped and now I am struggling to get 20FPS on the ground in the FSLabs, I barely use dynamic lighting and my settings haven't changed. Any ideas what could've happened? My specs are currently: AMD Ryzen 1600 AF, GT1030, 16GB 2400MHZ RAM, 1TBHDD. I have tried stuff like updating drivers and deleting the shaders file for it to regenerate but nothing has changed it, thanks.
  14. But I’m getting BAW aircraft load in as iberia with multiple other problems like some TOM aircraft loading in as biz jets
  15. Hi, because of the recent shutdown of FLAI I installed ultimate traffic live hoping that I could use it for my model matching instead. It has worked but there isn't a custom rule set so the aircraft don't always work and some airlines are muddled up. Does anyone know how I could create or install a custom rule set to get past this issue.
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