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  1. Ah wow, just installed, getting much higher frames, almost as good as the PMDG 777, still getting poor frames in the aerosoft professional stuff tho, currently on version which is ok, hopefully the next update for that improves frames as I used to do pretty well with it on version 1.2.
  2. Ok, I’m looking to make an upgrade, would it be better to upgrade the gpu first or get an ssd?
  3. Ok thanks, I regenerated the shaders folder which did help a bit but I also use the aerosoft professional stuff which the FPS is at about 12 FPS but this is due to my specs, I was thinking of making some modest upgrades, just one at a time to get a little bit better performance. I was thinking maybe an Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti, some ryzen CPU and maybe like an SSD, but just wondering what order you think would be best as I am supposed to be saving money at the moment and can only really afford one upgrade every few months. I have no intention of going to MFS2020 in the future so small upgrades are fine as I have no intention of upgrading any higher in the next few years really either. Thanks again.
  4. Hi all, bought the QW 787 recently with the most recent update but found the frames for me are absolutely awful, struggling to get above 10 FPS at UK2000 Birmingham where usually I get over 20 FPS in the PMDG 737 and 777. I am using P3D V4 with pretty low settings but I don't mind that, I only care about my stupidly low frames in the 787 as it's a fantastic aircraft which I am unable to enjoy. I easily make the QW 787 recommended specs, I know my specs aren't brilliant but I don't really want to be spending hundreds on upgrades at the moment. My specs are: AMD A8-9600 3.4 GHZ quad core, Nvidia GT1030, 16GB 2400MHZ RAM, 1TB hard drive. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or if the aircraft is just generally awful on frames for everyone? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I have recently purchased the JustFlight C152 in FSX/P3D and wish to fly in the aircraft I fly in real life and it's reg is G-CINA, it's a brilliant little aircraft and would love to fly it in the sim. The design on it isn't too complex but looks good, thanks in advance for anyone who decides to help me out.
  6. Hi, I recently installed P3D V4.5 with some UK2000 scenery for EGCC and EGKK. When I open P3D, I get warnings from the scenery.cfg that the locations of the files can't be found and I have a look and it is using the wrong directory, I disable the sceneries as it asks and go to the scenery manager to change the directory but can't disable or delete the scenery. To make it work I add it again under a different name but I still get lots of warnings that it doesn't exist. I found the scenery.cfg in program data but it doesn't contain the Uk2000 scenerys in it to change/delete so everytime I open P3D, I get lots of warnings, any ideas?
  7. Well thanks everyone for your help, I went to reinstall FSX and sat there thinking how long it would take to reinstall my addons as well so I went and bought P3D V4.5 which I was going to get anyway and installed everything onto that sim instead, I have just done a flight and the results are amazing, average frames almost reaching 20 with ok setings and UK2000 scenery in the pmdg ngx, very impressed and I'll try not to mess up my sim again. It's probably better because of the 64 bit coding and more modern use of my specs which allowed me to perform better in this sim, once again thanks to all of you.
  8. Ok, I have the time so do you think it would be worth reinstalling FSX because I didn't use to have that issue however I have played around with a lot of addons so maybe a fresh reinstall might help?
  9. Ok thanks, I tried the suggestion with the affinity only on asn but somehow that didn't change anything, might of even made it worse, thanks anyway though. I don't really understand whats going wrong though, I never had this issue before and now my sim is struggling, would it be worth trying P3D or upgrading something on my PC which could be a difficult task at this time?
  10. Thanks for the idea, I gave this a go today however I have got Active Sky Next through steam so I had to modify the route of the file and the name but I couldn't get it to work as it is more just a shortcut to steam to open it, do you have any ideas on how this can be fixed or if it can't work in this circumstance, thanks.
  11. Thanks Bill, I did a flight this morning and had no major blurries in the sim which was good, it seems to only be worse at airports like Gatwick but looks like uninstalling rex helped more than I thought it did. I agree with what you said about not applying many tweaks, I only have the highmemfix and afffinitymask=14 which active sky put in automatically. Thanks for all your help, if I see many more blurries I'll play around with the fiber frame but I'm happy with how my sim is for now, thanks again.
  12. Thanks all for the help so far, I'll keep it on 1024, I saw a small improvement removing rex but still witnessing blurries around the London area, would it help tweaking the fiber_frame_time_fraction setting in the cfg to devote more time to loading scenery? It's currently on 0.33, and i wouldn't mind too much losing one or two frames to reduce blurries.
  13. Ok thanks I have uninstalled REX and will test later today, just wondering, in my FSX CFG , I have TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024 so should I turn it down to 512 or doesn't this effect it?
  14. Hi, in the last few months I have started to experience blurry ground textures when flying into most airports, this didn't use to be a problem until I installed rex 4 textures direct, I have played around with the settings and fsx cfg but no improvement, I am using FSX:SE with addons like Aerosoft A320, PMDG NGX and others and using asn as a weather enngine, I also use UK2000 scenerys. My specs are AMD A8 9600 3.4GHZ, Nvidia GT1030 2GB, 16GB 2400MHZ, 1TB HDD. I know my specs aren't brilliant but I play at quite low settings and at a frame rate I am happy with - average about 16-20, anybody have any ideas?
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