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  1. Hi friends, It havent flown a while and I have GTN 750 blank with no database after a startup... I have updated GTN but still no data... do you have any idea what should I do or missing? Thank you Honza
  2. Hi, thank you for your effort. I started from the end and updated ReShade. Seems it helped. XPLANE11 11.53 still crashes sometimes, but not when I open the GTN settings. Thank you again.
  3. Oh thank you Frank... did I get your point? I have inserted my ini content (from KingAir350 folder) above...
  4. Hey guys, could you please help me with xpl crashes, all up to date . My sim always crashes when I try to open GTN settings... I see some locked device symbols for a few seconds and then it falls. Thank you Honza
  5. Hey guys: I have a similar problem with AIRAC update... LNM 2.4.5. via FSM data manager seems OK updated to 2005 rev1 but LNM still shows AIRAC Cycle 1708 :( screen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0gtrdpdh5rly895/Screenshot%202020-05-05%2002.21.23.jpg?dl=0 Thank you for help
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