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  1. I spoke with Chris the other day. I ordered in January, he said I was in the next batch and should be expecting the email in a week, hope this helps
  2. I too ordered in Jan, hoping to hear something in the near future 🤞🏻
  3. Similar price to the yoke would be worth it if the quality/features are there. I haven't got it yet, but the bravo is getting some quality issues and their customer service is shocking. Something to keep an eye on and a possible purchase in the future! Need to replace my CH yoke first!! Had it 15 years now
  4. Probably the closest to it 😂 Just a shame he hasn't released any info on it otherwise I'd probably consider cancelling the 'funny bone' order
  5. Congrats, ordered mine in January, so hoping to hear something within a month maybe, will still end up receiving this before a certain unnamed throttle quadrant ordered in August!
  6. Sorry, this doesn't seem to do anything in the taxi. I had to manually start the second engine on taxi out. Is there anyway to get a single engine taxi procedure added? Thanks
  7. No I didn't, but will try that, thanks!
  8. Would it be possible to add a single engine taxi option into fs2 crew? I tried doing it but PM didn't seem to acknowledge the start engine 1 command during taxi, I know this option is in some of your other products that I have. Thanks
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