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  1. Maybe, but I've seen people with this merged aircraft and it work's perfectly!
  2. How did you manage to do it!? Please tell me how, I am loosing my mind over surfing the internet n how to merge!!! 🙂 Thank's!
  3. Thank's for the help... but still no luck! 😞
  4. I am temporarily staying in India for my studies. I was born and brought up there 🙂
  5. I have been trying to merge a freeware A350 with the qw787 cockpit for 2 months now! The aircraft's brakes don't respond, the aircraft doesn't take-off till it reaches around 210 kts, about 10 ft above the ground the aircraft bounces and finally the gauges show "unable to start qw787" Please help me!!!
  6. I have been trying for 2 months now... but still no luck, Try contacting MO textures for the merge on their facebook page. They claim that they can do the merge for the A350-900, A350-900ULR and A350-1000 vc merge with the qw787 for 15 bucks. https://www.facebook.com/MoTextures/
  7. I was just wondering whether there is a good quality A350 out there. freeware / payware anything is fine. The only quality A350 model I came across turned out to be the SAAD A350 (FlightFactor model) which is obviously banned right now.
  8. Thank's, The FSUIPC window is now showing up but FSX keeps on crashing after like 5 seconds, I suspect that it might have to do something with the weather.dll.
  9. Thank's for the reply, What exactly am I suppose to do? Just make sure that the FSUIPC loader is at the last?
  10. I really appreciate your help Chris.. I don't seem to find a "Shaders" folder in the Appdata location.
  11. Hello there, I have a registered version of FSUIPC installed, so I use it for control bindings for all my PMDG aircraft. Since a new update was installed into my computer the Addons Tab during the game-play opens but doesn't let me open up any addons like FSUIPC but only lets me open RAAS professional. I would really appreciate finding a solution here. Thanks, In ADVANCE.
  12. Thank you for the reply, and yes, I did do a test flight without FSXWX from New York to Hong Kong which worked out fine. I also did the same flight with FSXWX on and the sim started freezing again somewhere above Canada (2-3 hours flight time).
  13. Suppose that I am doing a 7 hour flight from New York to London with FSXWX as the weather engine. After around 2-3 hours of flight time the sim starts to freeze for around 15 seconds and then stays normal for another 2-3 seconds- and than again an again. Is there any fix for this or is it just the program acting like this? Thanks in ADVANCE.
  14. Is there anything like tomatoshade for FSX as it is not compatible?
  15. Another solution which worked for me was to simply just open up a new logging file on FSUIPC.
  16. Hello there, I need help with merging a freeware A350 with a Qualitywings 787 virtual cockpit. I tried merging them a lot of times but every single time the cockpit displays show "Startup Error !! Unable to start QW 787-6". It isn't only that, the brakes don't respond at all, the aircraft doesn't takeoff until it reaches around 220 kts and while landing there is this sudden "bounce" of the plane at around 10 ft. from touchdown. Hope that i can find some help here. Thank you,
  17. no, I didn't I searched the PMDG forums for the solution to the problem, there were many people with the same issue as me. They suggested a fix to the problem which I tried but unfortunately it didn't work. I guess that my only "fix" would be to install the repaints manually but I can only find .ptp files which I can't open. Thank you though,
  18. Hello, I am looking for PMDG repaints for the Boeing 737 NGX which are not in the form of .ptp format, as the .ptp format repaints need the operations center to be running. My PMDG operations center never successfully opened I searched through the internet for a fix to the operations center but couldn't find anything. The operations center simply doesn't open even if i elevate it to administrative privileges, so I really want to know if I can find any non .ptp format repaints for the PMDG 737 NGX. Thank you, karm2275
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