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  1. Some great aircraft, awesome that the developer made them free! I've never had trouble before installing P3D4 aircraft in v5 using the registry trick. Is there not a workaround for these aircraft?
  2. Figured it out: Use REGEDIT to add Prepar3D v4 to your registry, but point it to your Prepar3D v5 path. Create a Prepar3D v4 folder in your Program Data\Lockheed Martin folder and copy/paste v5's scenery.cfg and terrain.cfg. v4 should be a selectable sim in Orbx Central and you can download Aeroplane Heaven's v4 aircraft. After installation, copy your ORBX Backups\p3dv4\Aeroplane Heaven C-119 Fairchild folder to ORBX Backups\p3dv4 and your plane should appear.
  3. How do you get it to install in P3D v5? AH has made their P3D aircraft available for free but it won't show up in the ORBX Central installer.
  4. I have the registry entry for v4 and that alone isn't working. Maybe reinstalling v4 or at least having an empty file structure would be the way to go then.
  5. Is there a way to download the v4 planes if you only have v5 installed? The ORBX program only gives me the option to download v5 aircraft.
  6. Does anyone know if it's possible to customize the Ortho4XP for P3D process? For example, I like the water and land masks, but not the terrain it downloads and how it messes with the airport terrain. It would also be nice to download USGS orthophotos instead of Bing, as USGS data is very good and rarely has clouds. I'd ask at the Ortho4XP site, but it seems to be just for XPlane.
  7. I had that problem when I didn't have the CFG pointing to the right location for resample.exe If you're still having the problem, you could double-check the location is correct by right-clicking while holding the SHIFT button and selecting Copy as Path from the menu, then pasting into your CFG and making sure to add an extra slash in the address. Might not be the problem in your case, but I constantly overlook simple things like almost having the right address.
  8. Thank you. I discovered the reason it didn't work was because the firewall only allowed connections from LNM and LNC if it was on a "Private" connection. Apparently I had set my internet up as a "Public" connection, which meant those programs were being blocked. I have two networks in my house, so most likely one was set to Public and the other was Private, which would explain why I could sometimes get it to work.
  9. Trying to connect LittleNavConnect on the computer with the flight sim to LittleNavMap on a remote computer. Sometimes it does work, but rarely. I've played with port numbers, using IP address, and computer hostname. Both LNM and LNC are updated to most recent version. I know the program's help mentions that the firewall may need to be set up, but I do not know how to do this. Seems like a pretty basic issue that will be obvious once I've addressed it. Does anyone have a lead on a solution? Many thanks, Chris
  10. I have tweaked several Naval Air Stations in P3D and the aprons badly need some F-18s parked on them, but apparently Lockheed Martin got rid of anything Boeing in the SDK's library objects. Does anyone know of a good way to accomplish this? I don't need anything fancy. Thanks, Chris
  11. This is probably new to no one but me, but I found out that by switching to another plane and then switching back, the changes I made (such as removing gauge reflections and dust) appeared. I thought that going to vehicle select and choosing the same aircraft refreshed everything related to the aircraft. But the pesky pink/green/purple vertical lines are still flickering in and out of my cockpit's digital displays.
  12. Sounds like there is hope, and the more problems I run into the more solutions I find thanks to help from others. I made sure to save the changes as per your suggestions Bert, but it hasn't affected the cockpit in the simulator yet. Any chance there is another file or line of code overriding the changes? Does anyone have an example from a P3Dv5.1 cockpit where the gauge glass and dust are successfully disabled? Thanks, Chris
  13. Everything was "0" before I changed the gauge glass settings. The settings in the control panel program and the Options.xml file don't seem to match up. Might be that I have to either deal with it or find a new plane.
  14. Actually I am not getting anywhere making changes in the RealView app or by editing the Options.xml. Whatever changes I make don't show up in the sim. I still have the multicolored vertical lines on the gauges and the dust/gauge reflections aren't going anywhere. Here is what I have: <Element> <Select> <Value>(G:Var1) 1 == if{ 1 (>L:hideGaugeRefl,bool) }</Value> </Select> </Element> <Element> <Select> <Value>(G:Var1) 1 == if{ 1 (>L:hideGaugeDust,bool) }</Value> </Select> </Element>
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