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  1. Ahhh. If only all cell phone while driving users suffered the same fate, there would be so much less traffic to deal with.
  2. Yep, same for me. my old eyes can now read them, so I'm willing to deal with the immersion hit here.
  3. Yeah, they may be to big now, but at least I can read the darn things now.
  4. I didn't get a chance to do a flight today. I'll do the same one tomorrow and see if anything has changed.
  5. No one has run into this? I'll try some more flights and see if it keep occurring.
  6. I'm using Simbrief, and saving it to FS2020, then importing it into the FMC in the FBW A320, and Pilot2ATC. The Navigraph database is current for both. Pilot2ATC seems to like to add many more waypoints then the FMC does. The problem mainly seems to be the SID'd and STAR's don't match up. I get different waypoints, and sometimes they approach has different transitions as well. Do I need to update another DB along with the Navigraph one for Pilot2ATC? A bit confused on why the same Simbrief FP gives different results. This is on the full release version BTW.
  7. Just went from KSFO to KSEA. I requested an enroute decent when I got to the point I wanted to start down. Was pretty close to the calculated TOD in the program, and then ATC did clear me to the STAR a bit further on. Worked well. Now I just need to figure out how to get my FMC, and the P2ATC to match. Seems like my Departures, and Arrivals don't always match up, and I have to use heading mode until they match up again.
  8. Thanks. I'll see if I can get the Navigraph management set up. I'll do another flight today and see if the STAR comes into play. Would that be part of the clearance before takeoff?
  9. I'm trying out the trial version, and don't know if this is right or not. 1) I also have Navigraph installed so I have up to date info. I set up a FP from KPHX to KLAX, and P2ATC showed an invalid waypoint, and I had to chose an older SID to get the FP to validate. Is there a way to get P2ATC to use the current data that I have via Navigraph? I didn't see anything in the guide about how to update the DB in P2ATC. Or, is this just a limitation of the trial version? 2) When flying the FP, I arrived at the TOD point in the plan, but ATC didn't have me start my descent. I had to call up and request a manual decent which I then got. Is this correct? Thanks.
  10. Thanks! That's what I was looking for. I'll give it a go then. MSFS ATC is just poor, and this looks like it will make things much more immersive.
  11. Are the free versions part of the FSUIPC.ZIP file? Thats the one I get from FSUIPC.com under MSFS. I see its is an installer file in the .zip. Haven't installed it yet because I'm not sure thats right. I guess my main question is, will FSUIPC continue to work after its trial period if Piolt2 ATC is the program using it. I get that if I want to use all of FSUIPC I need the full version, but I'm only looking at using it for Pilot2ATC at this point.
  12. Hi all. So, what version of Fsuipc does this require? Is there a free version that only interacts with 3rd party software? I don't think I should be required to buy one program only to be told that, oh, you also have to buy this to make it work. Doesn't sound right to me. Am I missing something here? Thanks.
  13. Hi Dave.

    Does this still require Fsuipc? I followed the link in the user guide, but the site it sends me to gives me a malware warning. Do you know if this is a safe site?

    1. Dave-Pilot2ATC


      They just changed recently to www.FSUIPC.com.  

    2. JerryT87


      Yeah I went there. Still get a malware warning, but looking at other posts it seems like a false positive. They should really get that fixed. :smile:

  14. Is anyone getting this popup when going to the above site? Its an unsecured page, and, Malware Bytes shows it as potential malware. Anyone have issues with this site?
  15. Thanks. I might pick it up then.
  16. Sorry if this has been answered before, but how would I use this without voice activation? Can a menu pop up where you can issue commands like in FS2020? I rarely use a mic/headset, but would like to get ATC that actually works. I looked on the website but didn't see anything about it, or a manual for that matter.
  17. Never mind. I just found that the username was different from the name displayed on the Login/Logout button on the top of the screen. Its showed my full name, but my user ID was different, lol. 😖 I'm an word not allowed. 🤪 Thanks for all the help guys.
  18. I only selected the Dept Apt, and gate, thats all, then hit fly.
  19. I get to the "Init Data Req", press it, and nothing happens. Go to the Init page and get the same result.
  20. Hi all. Has anyone gotten the Simbrief flight plan import to work in the A320NX? I have my simbrief user name in the options menu set up, but when I go to the INIT page and hit the "Init Request" button I get an error message "not in database. Not allowed". I'm not sure what is wrong here. I followed a YouTube video exactly as he did, and while it worked for him, I just kept getting the above message. Any ideas? Thanks.
  21. Sorry if this has been answered before, but is this voice comms only, or can it be used by selecting text responses? I don't care to wear a headset most of the time, so voice activation is out for me. Thanks.
  22. I found this online, and it worked for me. https://www.reddit.com/r/XboxGamePassPC/comments/io1ur4/heres_how_to_troubleshoot_if_you_have_problems/ I used the method from a comment post from "zockmotte" down the page a bit.
  23. Yep. I tried it a few more times, and it may be working. I do seem to slow down a bit quicker. Maybe I'm just thinking it would be more pronounced. 🙂
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