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  1. there is a bug you will lose your IAS and VS control then will go back the go away again.
  2. I play on a 34" ultrawide and i noticed that the images on the sides are stretched out. is this normal? thanks
  3. glad i got the 2080 super instead of the 2080 ti as the latter only gives 4 fps increase in 1440p at double the price.
  4. Good morning everyone. I am have a modest internet speed (100mbps) but when I fly over business districts such as NYC, Seattle etc, the buildings and trees are blocky and distorted. I have maxed everything out in my settings and turned on bing maps, photogrammetry and rolling cache in data settings. I just want to be enlightened why I am having these issues. Thank you and God speed.
  5. Thanks for this i didnt know this feature. Will give it a try.
  6. That is an unfair assumption. I just wanted to know. If you cannot give a fair answer then please stop speculating. I dont have any ill motives for posting this.
  7. I want to have color vibrance and deeper blacks plus sharper images..
  8. hi. Is it possible to apply reshade to the sim? Thanks
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