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  1. They are also removed with every sim update too. As for moving in smaller increments, I haven't found a way yet, though I am usually able to get the desired improvements after a bit of fiddling. Would be nice if we could save the settings somewhere.
  2. Strange that you see this, at 40fps it is perfectly smooth for me. I can let my GPU go to it's maximum and it will acheive over 60fps in the air but it looks no different to 40fps to me. Yes it would be nice if you could just leave the settings at what you want to fly with, but for those that are complaining that they are getting excessive temperatures whilst downloading updates, limiting your fps will stop this. It's very quick to do and you can change it back once the downloads are installed. Going back to your perception of fps below 60fps being unaccpetable I'm wondering if there is some other factor that's making you see this. I will give you an example, a few months ago I overheard someone in the works canteen talking about flight simulator, I didn't really know the guy as he works in a different dept. to me. Anyhow, I got chatting to him about MSFS and he was moaning about how he'd spent a fortune on getting a new PC with a 3080 GPU and one of the fastest intel CPU's then available (can't remember the model) He said he was struggling to get around 30fps in some situations and was hoping to get at least 60fps. I told him I was getting a very smooth performance form my Ryzen 3700X, 2070 Super setup and it must be something with his settings. Ended up inviting him over to see my PC running MSFS and he was astonished. He had a fly around and was convinced I was getting well over 60fps and in fact after he saw my monitor was running at 120Hz he seemed to think it was 120fps 🙂 When I showed him it was at a limited 40 he found it hard to equate with what he was seeing. He said that under 60fps on his setup it appeared very flickery and with lots of screen tearing etc... In the end I went round to his place to look at his setup and it was indeed horrible to look at. After getting him up to date with chipset drivers from the M/B manufactures site (didn't look like any had been installed, I'm assuming WIndows installs some default?) Changed his power plan to a performance one that was installed with the chipset drivers, going into his Bios and enabling his Ram to run at 3200 which it was rated for, but was set at 2400 for some reason) I then put on the latest Nvidia driver that was available at the time (I was still an advocate of 457.30 back then) but thought his 30xx series card would be better off with a more recent driver. I then tweaked up the NVCPL settings and got him running at a steady 40fps limited like my PC (albeit in 4K on his machine and 2K on my setup).It was flickering horribly at that fps but that turned out to be his Freesync monitor which would't cope with fps lower than it's refresh rate which was a minimum of 60. Turned off the fresync and now he's happily flying along at a steady 40 fps with no stutter, screen tear or flickering.
  3. Yes the frame rate limits in the sim are confusing, they should be shown as 100%, 50% & 33.33% of your monitor refresh rate, not 60, 30 and 20. I don't know about AMD GPU's but for Nvidia cards just use the NVCP to limit your fps and have Vsync on in the NVCP you won't have any problems in the menu's then. I have mine limited to 40fps and my 2070 Super card barely gets above 55C in the menus and about 45-50 whilst flying. Also leave the power management mode set to optimal power not on prefer maximum.
  4. I'd try a bit more troubleshooting first before a reinstall. If I ever get issues I reinstall my graphics drivers then restart PC. Then leave the Nvidia (in my case) settings at Default. Launch sim then set the preset graphics settings to medium in the sim graphics settings. If it seems to be working after that then I start tweaking my settings back up.
  5. Mine is loading more into Ram/Vram than it was after SU5 update, but not as much as in SU4
  6. Have you downloaded all the content in the content manager and the world updates? Also tried other starting locations, restarted sim etc...?
  7. Been flying for about 1.5 hours since the update and so far it's superb. I'm on a 3700X with a 2070 super and 32MB 3600 Ram with most settings on high or ultra and with pre caching on ultra it's looking and performing well. If I was being ultra critical I'd say the AA on the AI generated buildings is still a bit off but overall I'm impressed. Now just waiting for my addon planes to be updated
  8. All world updates have been the same, Japan, USA, you have to download it seperately in the marketplace. Also check that in game under the data options that you've got bing data and photogrammetry turned on. I always had them on but after the USA update they had automatically been turned off.
  9. No need to check the forums, just open the windows store and spam the get updates button.
  10. I posted this on another forum a while back. Just make sure you never have live weather set from the world map screen and then you won't have to restart the sim when you change location. If you just leave it on Preset & clear skies in the world map area and then spawn at your chosen location and select live weather from the dropdown toolbar you should get live weather. Then, when you return to the main menu and the world map to select a new location, as long as your preset is still on clear skies you can just spawn at the new location and select live weather from the toolbar again. No need to restart the sim.
  11. In the last 10 years or so of using Nvidia cards I've never seen any increase in fps from a driver update. Stability, improvements to the eye candy and extra options are the only things I ever notice.
  12. I've posted this over on the MSFS forums. Works 100% for me Kudos goes out to whoever first posted this elsewhere (did a search but couldn’t find it again) Just thought it might be worth bringing it to people’s attention again as I’ve been using this workaround for a few days now and the live weather is working 100% with it so far. Follow these steps and you should get live weather wherever you are. 1. Choose your departure airport. 2. Choose preset weather and set to clear skies. (DO NOT choose live weather at this point) 3. Spawn at your chosen departure point and confirm that it is clear skies (sometimes it seems to remember previous weather, it must be clear skies for this to work) 4. If it isn’t clear skies go back to main menu and try again. 5. If it is clear skies you can now set live weather by clicking on the drop down menu bar from within the cockpit. Select live weather (and time if you want) from here. You may have to wait for a few seconds for the live weather to appear. You should now have the live weather, and so far over my last 20 flights or so it has been very accurate to the real weather reported from various websites. Once you have finished your flight and you want to start another at a different location just choose preset weather to clear skies again in the main menu before you spawn at the airport and then switch it to live from the in cockpit toolbar after you have spawned. Hope it works for you as it’s been a lot more fun with live weather that matches what I would expect. And thanks again to whoever it was who posted this originally.
  13. Check that it is calibrated in windows, type joy.cpl in the windows 10 search box. Though if you have the thrustmaster software installed it may disable this, and it doesn't have a calibration feature of it's own, just a panel that shows you if the axes and buttons are being operated. The thrustmaster software is useless, so just remove it if you can't access the windows joy.cpl app, reboot and you will get that back.
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