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  1. Seems strange that they can't reproduce it. I'd say I see it almost every day for the last month or so. Only happens when I'm using live weather, if I use a preset of clear skies or any preset (apart from storms of course) I don't see any lightning. But start a flight anywhere in the world and you have clear skies with lightning every few seconds. I have no mods installed and haven't made any changes to any of the game files. I recorded one today using the Geforce experience recording option and was going to send it via the zendesk reporting option but it turned out to be a 1.6GB file and I couldn't get it to send.
  2. well that part of your reply suggested that I watch the video again
  3. I said lightning was something they didn't fix, not the lighting, I am aware they fixed (or changed) the night lighting. I am talking lightning i.e. the electrical discharge you get in storms.
  4. Well I didn't see any mention of fixing the lightning in clear skies problem. The Devs twitch stream from a few days ago they said they didn't know what the problem was. And I got it today after the patch 5 flying in Orlando, clear skies 32 degrees C, looked up the real weather no storms forecast but was lightning all over the place for me. The other aspects of the weather, wind speed, temp clouds etc.. do seem to be working correctly now though.
  5. They didn't mention that the lightning was going to be fixed in this patch. Or are you confusing the word lightning with lighting?
  6. I don't use the sharpening, but you can add various filters, the Detail and brightness/contrast filters are useful. Also for people having difficulty seeing the instruments don't forget you can adjust the cockpit and instrument lighting in most planes.
  7. It's not Ansel, that is for taking screenshots. What I think you meant was Freestyle. That allows you to add post processing effects with no performance hit to your games/sims. I use it for tweaking the view in MSFS, does a good job. I'm running in HDR mode on an HDR 10 compatible monitor, it certainly looks much nicer with HDR on and tweaked with freestyle.
  8. Who says they are updating anything, it might just be a technical issue or they have been attacked and taken offline for a while.
  9. Not sure it's anything to do with an update (unless you have some other info on this?). More likely a technical issue with the website or it's got some child DDos ing it.
  10. Forums are down for me but I have no problem flying, and there are plenty of other players online around the London city area at the moment.
  11. You must have got a different version of Japan to me then. The main patch which included many additions other than the Japan update was about 9GB. The Japan update which you downloaded seperately from the marketplace was under 2GB
  12. The world updates (scenery at least ) are not stored on your PC they are streamed in as you fly, most of the data for the world updates will be on the servers and therefore not part of the patch/update download.
  13. Yeah I'm sure it was mentioned somewhere that the USA update was with patch 4 but I can't remember where I saw it.
  14. Seems so, perhaps it's one of the new Missions, first person to spot 10 changes gets a medal. Had a quick look at the USA in a few areas I've been before, (San diego, Portland and up around some of the great lakes but I didn't notice anything different so far.
  15. One minor annoyance I've found so far. I can't hear the clicks from pressing any buttons or the ratchet sound when turning the heading bug in the Cessna 172 steam gauge version.
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