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  1. I have not received my "order placement" e-mail yet, should I be worried? thank you
  2. ok, then the only way would be using the "robocopy" command from a command prompt but probably reinstall everithing in a shorter path like D:\MSFS is a better solution....
  3. It is a very, very old windows problem!! you can try this but be sure to make a backup of your registry before... https://www.howtogeek.com/266621/how-to-make-windows-10-accept-file-paths-over-260-characters/
  4. It seems more a common Memory Corruption situation to me....
  5. 🙂 still 2h before can get back home... it will be a great week-end
  6. I think it should be specified that it is a modded version....
  7. FlyTheMaddog will do their MD-80/82/83/88 (my absolute favorite) too but still waiting for some function in the SDK...
  8. I completely agree and this is the reason of the navigraph rush, I dont think Navblue data or charts are inferior to jeppesen (and this may be the reason behind the navigraph VFR charts) they are not there yet... Still I'll wait at least until the next cycle before making a choice.
  9. Wonderful! So where can we download this new version? 😜
  10. Try to switch options->general->audio->vocal synthesis to "windows offline", still inaccurate phraseology, but you get more voices and regional accents too.
  11. I think that we are, as usual, too much impatient, Probably we will get navdata update with the nex patch; and let pass some more weeks to have the navblue partnership really engage...
  12. This will not be listed as bug fix, but as world update....
  13. Well, you have all in MSFS.... Just not in the right spot 🙂
  14. you are partially right, it is bettere to have low res buckingham palace and london eye that not have them at all, but why replace perfectly sculpted buildings with lower quality counterparts?
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