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  1. till now I've bought everithing twice, from the marketplace to feed microsoft (without installing) and from the developer to have the unencrypted version with quicker updates... But I must add that if microsoft will resolve the encryption problems (mostly for airports) I'll switch to a Marketplace-only mode
  2. I see, but it seems that some basic failures are there, have alook at The Flying Fabio preview at 00:38:00 Am I wrong?
  3. it was between engine start and take off... but it is not relevant anymore 🙂
  4. He said it will be released this week! You can select the bandix radio or the GNS430 from the tablet
  5. some have reported that removing the latest version of FSUIPC solved the problem...
  6. oh, I forgot, pay attention to the de-ice systems, it uses hot air bleeds from the engines reducing your thrust
  7. you was too high, do not pass FL380 to stay safe...
  8. ok, fs marketplace was just updated, https://www.flightsimulator.com/may-27th-2021-development-update/ who is waiting who?
  9. did you add a new aircaft recently?
  10. Yes, when will be available in the MFS marketplace!
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