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  1. I for one am very optimistic about the future of MSFS for the next 10 years, maybe more. It's not going anywhere and they're not going to have any trouble monetizing it and funding it. The fact that MSFS is available on the Xbox as well as the PC is huge. It provides for a much broader audience including many people that might not have otherwise even considered a flight sim. And it puts all of these people in front of the Marketplace. Also, there are other synergies at play here such as Bing, Azure and Xbox GamePass all of which are Microsoft assets. I think MSFS creates a lot of positive publicity and exposure for Bing and Azure services. Of course, it's difficult to quantify exactly what that's worth...but it might be worth a lot. In the end, I think Microsoft (with Asobo's talented assistance) has created a very smart, lucrative ecosystem where everyone benefits. They've taken this rather small niche hobby and made it mainstream. There are thousands of aircraft and airport add-ons that haven't even been developed yet and every single one of them is a revenue opportunity. They've created an absolutely massive market by putting thousands of products in front of millions of people in a very convenient way. Personally, I have only made purchases on the in-game Marketplace. This is mainly out of convenience. It is so easy to just wander over to the Marketplace and make a casual purchase that I tend to do it more frivolously and more often. I'm done maintaining accounts at a dozen different portals, all with different product keys, download and installation procedures. I'm very happy to be done with all of that. The updates may come a little slower, but that's okay. All I have to do is check the Content Manager every few days and I can update everything all at once in just a few clicks. It's an absolutely brilliant system.
  2. Well it might take a lot of patience. I'm at 5 minutes now and I'm still waiting.
  3. Yes, I'm also just now having this same problem.
  4. The main advantages of Navigraph Charts are its reasonable cost (< $100 a year) and it includes Jeppesen charts for the entire world. The Navigraph Charts app is really very good and has a cloud based PC client as well as iPad. I use it on both PC and iPad and highly recommend it as a nice practical choice for flightsims. It can also show your position in the sim real-time via Navigraph Simlink and has Simbrief integration which is also very nice. Having said that, I do have a subscription to Foreflight including Jeppesen charts for the US which is very expensive. I think I'm paying something like $500 a year in total which is pretty pricey unless you're a real world pilot. It's an amazingly good product though and I use it all the time. It's more complex than Navigraph so there's somewhat of a learning curve but I find it to be very intuitive and easy to learn. By the way, there is a browser based version (including with your subscription) that's pretty good but lacks some of the features and functionality of the iPad version. I've never used Aerosoft Navdata charts but I suspect it's very good too. Skyvector is a decent free option if you can stand all the advertising all over the site (which I cannot!).
  5. I disagree. Blackshark.ai's depiction of buildings and trees on a global scale is impressive and that hasn't been done before (in my opinion). It makes photo real scenery work better than ever. I can buy $500 worth of MegaSceneryEarth for P3D (and happy to do so) but it doesn't work very well without Blackshark.ai. And tile proxy was a total hack...didn't work very well in my experience. If I have to hack ring 0 drivers and violate EULA's to make it work then yeah...I'm out. This has not been my experience at all. If you're only getting 7 FPS with MSFS 2020 then there is definitely something wrong. "Never" is a long time. Pretty bold statement. And sadly, I can't get excited about something I don't know about. I've never been a big fan of "I can't tell you but just you wait and see". Having said that, when LM steps up...I'll be first in line with my credit card. Can't wait to see it! Sounds awesome.
  6. Indeed. I still remember the 2 frames per second I was getting on my Apple IIc and I was mesmerized. It's hard to even believe what I'm seeing now. I've had a lot of "journeys" in my life...flight sims have been one of them. And what a journey it's been.
  7. Yep, my first flight sim was subLOGIC 1.0 (yeah, even before Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 ever existed).
  8. I honestly don't understand a lot of the naysayers. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but my experience has been amazing. And I'm not new to this. Some claim the flight model is "spot on", others claim it's complete garbage. Lol! Well, that was predictable. I think much of the problem is that it's just different. If you want a deterministic, well behaved flight model then you have plenty of options, but maybe MSFS 2020 is not for you. There's nothing flight simmers like more than to get up on their high horse about "realism" while they're flying their desk. I applaud Asobo for having the courage to step outside of the well accepted box and take a shot at the future. Personally, I've found the flight model in MSFS 2020 to be very interesting. It's certainly more alive and I don't find it to be as "random" as some have claimed. I've had very smooth flights (usually at higher altitudes and/or in calm smooth air...not a cloud in the sky). I've also had flights that were quite bumpy, often at lower altitudes and in and around clouds. Is it perfect? Well of course not, but I find it to be quite believable. But the part that amazes me the most is that it's only been out for 1 month. Are any of you old enough to remember P3D 1 month after release? Or X-Plane 1 month after release? Or how about FSX 1 month after release? Apparently not.
  9. I found this to be a good objective post about your initial experiences, thank you for that. Priorities and experiences differ...but I can't go back anymore. The overall experience with MSFS 2020 is just too good in the ways that matter to me the most. It's not perfect, but nothing ever is and it will get better with time. I'd rather be out on the bleeding edge than hanging in there with the past. It's more exciting to me.
  10. I've stalled twice on approach because I was too busy looking out the window. LOL. A few other thoughts after my last flight...I love that the clouds don't follow me around anymore. I see them on the horizon, I approach them, and then they come and go without any draw-in or popping. Also, first sim in history that I can't see any repetition in the terrain textures out of the box. 😉 Because there isn't any! Regarding Microsoft's commitment...I'm not really worried about it. They will make hundreds of millions of dollars off of this release alone and that's a conservative estimate. They also benefit from some synergy with Bing and Azure cloud which are both Microsoft assets. It's good cross advertising. You can always count on a company to do what's in their best interests. Asobo and other partners like Blackshark.ai have invested many years of their lives into this project and they're not going to just walk away. I'm sure they're quite proud of what they've created...and they should be.
  11. So after a full week now I continue to be utterly amazed by this new sim. Over the last twenty years I can't remember a flight sim release that impressed me as much as this one does. They all raised the bar in various ways but they mostly felt like incremental steps forward that left me thinking "okay, this is a nice improvement...but if only [insert dream about the future here]". For the first time I feel like there are no more compromises. No more restricting my flights to where I have good scenery installed. No more daytime only flights due to a lack of good night lighting. No more avoiding bad weather because it's too hard on the frame rate. For the first time I can freely go anywhere I want, anytime I want without giving any of that a moment's thought. I honestly don't even know what my frame rate is. It's been so smooth and fluid that I've never bothered to check (this is a flight sim, right?). I've had only very minor stutters here and there, so minor that I barely give it a thought. If that's as bad as it gets when loading in 200,000 buildings for the entire San Francisco metropolitan area, then I'll take it. One week after release and I have every single setting turned up as high as it will go (except Render Scaling which is at 100, not 200). It's hard to believe that this is just the beginning and I've tweaked nothing. The whole experience feels so much more dynamic and alive. The cloudscapes that I've seen over the last week have been breathtaking. The aerial perspective and sense of altitude are very well done. The lighting under all conditions is incredible. The subtle motion through the air or the unusually smooth flight, the occasional bumpy ride or the turbulence in plausible places make each flight different. I believe they've captured this better than ever. Is it exactly correct? Well I don't know, I'm not a real world pilot so I can only speculate. But that debate is endless anyway and always will be. While I'm flying my desk around the world it's all about suspension of disbelief. And my disbelief is suspended. The only bug I've really noticed that affects my enjoyment in any way is the winds being inaccurate. But I'm not your typical impatient gamer (or simmer) and I'm sure they'll fix it. I'm also looking forward to more complete implementations of the Garmin units (from Asobo, mods, third-parties or whatever). I'm sure there are other problems but by virtue of the way I tend to play I don't really notice them much. Is the glass half full, or is it half empty? My glass is full.
  12. The frame rate in the real life video isn't very good. Also, the clouds in the real life video look too soft. Somebody has a lot of work to do.
  13. Well, it depends on your point of view. It's not necessarily indicating a problem...there is always a bottleneck somewhere. Always. Generally speaking, the bottleneck is either the CPU or the GPU and it's simply telling you which one is the bottleneck. If it says "Limited by Main Thread" then it's telling you the bottleneck is CPU. I always prefer that the bottleneck be the GPU because that technology tends to advance much more rapidly...new generational leaps in performance almost every single year. CPU performance increases tend to happen more slowly and changing out your CPU is much harder (I rarely bother without building a whole new PC). Short answer, if it says you're "Limited by GPU" and you have a GTX1070, then you can improve things by buying a better GPU (or reducing settings). However, if it says this and you already have an RTX 2080 Ti then there's not much you can do until the RTX 3080 Ti comes out.
  14. Has anyone figured out how to use the autopilot in the JMB Evolution? Either I haven't figured out how to use it, or it just isn't implemented. Not sure which.
  15. Does anybody have any experience with this? The recent advice on the Internet has been to keep it off because if causes problems (stutters, etc) in some games. But I'm not sure what the current status is of "game mode" on Windows 10. It's a cool idea (reducing background tasks and such) but I've never really seen a positive review of it. Does anybody run with this on and have you had it on in MSFS 2020? What has your experience been with it? My primary interest in game mode is the built-in FPS counter but there are plenty of other ways to do that so if game mode is questionable then I'll probably just opt for something else.
  16. Actually, PMDG is the only reason I haven't uninstalled it yet. But it will come soon enough so I probably will anyway. I prefer to look forward...not back.
  17. I haven't yet, but I will be uninstalling P3D soon. My reasons are specific. I've had a great time with P3D...it's been a wonderful product. But I'm a minimalist by nature. I don't want to have multiple sims, jumping through hoops, tweaking, maintaining accounts across a dozen portals...blah, blah, blah. I've been an avid simmer for 30+ years now. I was even a developer on the Fly! 2 team way back in the day. I've been lurking on this forum since the 90's. I'm very excited about the future with MSFS 2020. I'm envisioning a ten year ongoing rapid development cycle...and it's day 3! Wow! It's in my nature to go all in on one thing, and that one thing is going to be MSFS 2020. It's a generational leap ahead of everything else in almost every way that matters to me. If that ever changes (and it might) then I'll revisit that decision. But for now...that's it.
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