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  1. Yes, you'd think there would be some kind of QC standard for the Marketplace but apparently not.
  2. I wonder if there will be any effort to improve it in the future of if the company is just a scam. I also have the Got Friends Mini 500 and a Freeware Mosquito EX. Both have some quirks in the flight model but are infinitely better releases.
  3. It's almost half price on sale for 8.99 right now so I said what the heck and took a flyer...Um no, it's not even worth 9 bucks🙄
  4. Yes, I'm doing the American trip. I'm now ten legs in and slowly but surely I've gotten a feel for how it works. I have not tried the others yet but I would think any plane with a GPS would make things easier. The Cub in the American trip has no such luxury. I have used the "Get back on track" button many times now so I won't be getting an achievement. Maybe after awhile I'll go back and try to fly it without assist for the achievement but honestly, right now I'm just focusing on finishing it.
  5. This is nuts. A week or so ago, I saw some new TM pedals come onto Amazon with a promised shipping date in October and scoffed. They were 127 bucks. Turns out I should have jumped on them when I saw them. Already out of stock by later in the day. Now E-bay and Amazon both have people asking two to two and a half times or more than they were for these items. People are paying it too. Just crazy!
  6. Thanks for the tip. I'm finding that if I just maintain the general direction within a few degrees +/- that I end up where I need to be in the end. Think I said this already but I do wish that I could see the bigger external view compass with the numerical heading while in cockpit view. My old eyes don't do so well with the one on the panel. IIRC that sort of compass was available in both views on FSX. Seems to me they could add a toggle for it.
  7. I'm eight legs in to the North American trip now. I think I'll eventually be able to fly it with out using the tracking feature but for now I'm just trying to complete it. Some of the grass strip airports are not easy to find at all. Also, if you stop mid leg and come back, the nav log descriptions and picture of the upcoming airport disappear. Surely a bug.
  8. Well, I decided to give it one more shot before going to bed and I'm happy to say I completed the first leg! I'm finding it tough to juggle the nav log and the timer while I fly but I got it done with some help from the "get me back on track" feature. Nav log seems to be a little cranky about scrolling and I get a little confused about what point I'm at and what heading to take next. I'm not always seeing the landmarks. Maybe I'm flying too high? Anyway the good news is that when I did have to use the track feature, my plane was never actually that far from where it should have been so I must be doing something right. If the Cub has any sort of GPS, I can't find it, I don't think it does.
  9. Unless I'm missing something, the default Cub that I have to fly on this bush trip doesn't have anything like that. I was only a casual FSX flyer so I'm pretty much a beginner. Another thing that's weird is that when I was flying all over basically lost, my trip was saving by itself. Now that I'm actually following the landmarks and have some sense of where I'm going, it didn't do that. I just lost all my progress because I made a mistake. I have to start back at the beginning. I think I'm going to call it a night.
  10. Oh geez, I was having a total brain fart about how I was reading the nav log. It just finally dawned on me that I was following the same heading for too long and that I needed to alter course when I sighted certain landmarks mentioned...duhhh...it's a VFR flight! After that "aha moment" things are making a lot more sense. Keeping track with the timer helps also. Now if I could just stop over stressing the aircraft, I might get somewhere. I'm not sure what "Nav" function you are speaking of Adrian. I have used the "get back on track" feature which will show me the plane on the map for a short time.
  11. That was helpful. I'm getting better at it but I'm still a long way away from flying them without assistance. I maintained a pretty steady heading by following a landmark on the horizon and still ended up quite a bit off when I finally gave in used the get back on track feature. I won't be earning any of the badges soon but I am having fun.
  12. I still love it but it does have some crazy as hell bugs right now. I was just flying merrily along in the Cessna 152, smooth as silk and decided to barely ease back on the throttle and go down and take and look at something and all of a sudden the plane sounds like it's falling apart and starts falling out of the sky and I have no control. Had to pop on the AI auto pilot to get it back in shape, turned it off again and then she's flying smooth as silk again, all trimmed out like I had her before. That's happened more than once too. AI autopilot also likes to try to turn you around and take you back in the direction you came sometimes too. Really quirky but it seems like most games are released that way now. They push them out the door hard and then it takes several patches to find a "sweet spot".
  13. Whatever dude. 2006 called again and they want that stupid lame joke back. If you can do it then that's great but I'll still take CAT cable for the win. It will always be superior. I've been messing with computers a long time, radio and electronics even longer, but hey, you do you.
  14. I'm sorry but IMHO trying to play this sim or any internet dependent game over Wi-Fi is complete and utter lunacy. Maybe I would do it in a temporary situation but otherwise give me hard wire!
  15. Keys don't seem to work for me but pressing the right mouse button does.
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