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  1. Thanks but I will just punch it in manually it's a pretty short FP.
  2. Well hell now it is exporting as a text file but the FMC in the Rotate MD80 will not open it? KDAL HULZE TXO RECKN DCT KABQ
  3. Not 100% sure if it has not been over written. Will check soon. Thanks.
  4. I'll try to get to it today. Will also post a screenshot of the Chinese text. P2A text by Tom Whit, on Flickr
  5. I have had this happen to me twice now. Xplane 11.5, Toilss Airbuss A319 Sorry I dont have the exact STAR and procedures but you should get the idea. Had a flight with arrival to KDAL. The original flight plan had RNAV approach to Rwy 26. No problem punched that into the FMC. As I approached the TOD controller gave me a different approach with a STAR and ILS approach 08. No problem re-programmed the FMC. On crossing the TOD ATC advised me to descend via that STAR. Perfect! After crossing the transition it gave vectors for ILS 08.. still perfect! Even better more direct! All lined up on the localizer according to plan. In landing configuration. Then I was handed off to the Tower and I reported established on the approach "Cleared to land RNAV 26".... Wait... what??? Here I am all lined up for ILS08 per ATC's direction and no one ever advised the tower of the changed approach / runway? At that point I just canceled guidance and landed on ILS08. But last time I just went ahead and landed with P2A still running, after landing it told me I landed on the wrong runway then XP11 crashed during taxi.
  6. I was trying to export a flight plan compiled by P2A as a text file to use in Rotate's MD-80 FMC. It exports seeming okay but when I open the 'text' file it looks like it is filled with Chinese characters?
  7. I have a small issue with P2A. Everything works fine until approach. For an ILS approach ATC will instruct me to turn heading 310 (as an example). I comply and turn heading 310 (set on the HDG for autopilot) and turn to 310. A few minutes later ATC will come back up and instruct me to turn heading 310. Well uh... I'm already at 310 ? This happens pretty consistently on ILS approaches. I have course deviation 'allowance' set for 10 degrees, and off course warning timer set for 60 seconds. What am I missing?
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