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  1. Hi. I was using ORBX products until now, and they are fairly expensive but they do have value for money. i just found out about ortho4p3d and i am merely curious to see the results. now, orbx products worked a charm, but after i tried to use this and i made my first tile in London (not the best place to start but its ok i guess), the process completed, and i also saw a tutorial (referred to this particular video:) and instead of having an addon scenery folder, im left with a bunch of .bmp and .inf files. any help appreciated 🙂 Regards Apj
  2. Also, an Admin took time in my post and helped 😮
  3. Prepar3D is installed to Program Files(x86), i changed it. But i dont think that is a factor, is it? ORBX Central does Run as Admin. Windows A/V log is clean, it hasnt blocked anything. Thanks, I'll try it if something goes wrong 😉 I had a look, the first link is NOT what was happening with me, the second one might be useful though 😉 Apj
  4. ^ Adding to my post, make the season Spring for optimal results Apj 🙂
  5. didnt work earlier. i tried a billion times, for EACH of my orbx products. nope. instead, i have a fix for all of you: 1. Go to your Prepar3D vx folder > Scenery > BASE > Scenery 2. There should be a file called "lclookup.bgl" rename the extension that file to whatever you want (i named the extension "lclookup.bgl.disabledfortesting" 3. Go to your ORBX Central 4. Find your ORBX Libraries 5. Verify files. You should see that another file is generated (lclookup.bgl) 6. Restart your sim 7. Load into Munich (best place for testing, not mandatory) 8. DONE
  6. Also, are winter tiles normal during spring time? Not all, some of them 🙂 Some images attached, looks harmless and normal to me. is it though? and OpenLC works FANTASTIC now!
  7. Thanks, will try if OpenLC messes up again 😄 Apj
  8. I tried doing the lclookup.bgl.off thing, then verified the olc files and it works. Thanks ! 😄
  9. Ive tried disabling it, and the problem goes away
  10. This is v4, and yes, it IS caused by OLC Apj
  11. ORBX's OpenLC Europe is just not working. I've tried Verifying files a thousand times and yet, no change. ORBX just wont respond to my post. They are a busy group, i get it. The tiles are all wrongly placed (overlapping, cutting off etc etc) and it looks horrible. There are some tiles missing as well which show up black. the street lights (2D) are placed on top, even during daytime. I have no idea on the order the sceneries should be placed in. I installed Base Pack, and then OLC. The third screenshot looks alright, but you can kinda see whats going on. The first one looks perfectly believable with OLC disabled, And the second one is how it looks overall. This is just about a few miles south of Schipol (EHAM) Any help would be appreciated Regards Apj
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