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  1. Dear Avsim forum members; I am looking to purchase a short 35-40 minute video clip of a specific flight leg on MSFS (2020 version if possible). Originally, I was going to just purchase MSFS 2020 myself until I learned that my laptop does not have the recommended spec for running it. Rather than risk it MAYBE being sufficient, I thought maybe someone could simply make the flight him/herself and sell to me. I'm an ex-military pilot and ATPL but trying to put together a clip of a unique route/leg which I can show to some investors to promote a new business venture. The route is pretty simple really and can provide more details upon request but just wanted to see if this may be possible. Not sure what format video MSFS would produce but hopefully one that can easily be played back on a standard Windows 10 laptop. If possible, I can just make an online transfer to provide payment. Hope to hear back from someone ! If you want email direct, please just send to me at StephenLakeway@yahoo.com. Thanks.
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