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  1. Good Morning Guys: The AIG Conversion Team just released the A330 200/200F/300/NEO models (On the Alpha India Group Forum), they are ready for download and also a bunch of repaints in several places. Tony RD AIG Conversion Team
  2. Problem Solved, installed VS 2015-2019. Have a nice weekend
  3. My new PC Gigabyte mobo z590 gaming X Intel I7 3.6 ghz octacore 11th generation 16 gb corsiar ram at 3200 speed SSD 250 gb Western digital black nvme C drive SSD 1Tb Western digital black nvme D drive Windows 10 21H1 pro edition
  4. Hi Guys: Hope someone can help me, this is the most weird thing that ever happen to me. Just build a new PC, installed windows 10 and P3D v4.5 on C drive, and everything works well, installed a second SSD drive. And made a fresh install of windows 10 again on C drive, installed P3D on D drive, and now got an error that P3D cant find the ATCAPI module, checked path, names, xml´s and all look good. uninstalled P3D and installed on C drive and got the same error.. All other add-ons in the P3D addon folder are working well. Don´t know what else i can do to find the problem, could be windows or ATCAPI? Got another computer with 2 hard drives and all is working well. So does anybody has a clue of whats is going on? Thanks in advance for your time and help. Tony RD AIG Conversion Team
  5. Thanks Padrot, I know is for FS2004, but also I know that some simmers are using it with P3D Thank you Christoph, I dont have installed FSUIPC, will give a try Best Regards Tony AIG Conversion Team
  6. Hi guys: Trying to use FS AI separation with no luck, the program never connect to P3D v4.5. Any help? Tony AIG Conversion Team
  7. Thanks, hope in the future could be a separate function for the flaps. Cheers, and take care. Tony AIG Conversion Team
  8. Hi Christoph, So Roland is working to make an optional flaps function? If I change to AINOCONTROLCHECK=1 the flaps are not deployed at takeoff?, if that is true I would like a separate option for the flaps, I really like the control check Tony AIG Conversion Team
  9. Hi, Thanks Christoph, what i want is an older version than 1.10 if available (1.0.1), what i want to do is de-activate the flaps deploy for take off in AIGround, as all the models converted from my team already has flaps for T/O. Was AI traffic spotting yesterday and saw an strange behavior of the flaps during pushback and the begining of taxi. Sent an email to Roland long time ago with no response. Have a nice day. Tony AIG Conversion Team
  10. Hi Guys: Does anybody has the old version of AIGround? Or where I can download it, cant find it on the web. I need the .ini file to do some tests. Thanks in advance for your time and help. Tony RD AIG Conversion Team
  11. Hi: Not me, only with AI planes and ATC window open, if this can help, just tell me what do you what to know. Cheers. AIG Conversion Team Tony RD
  12. Hi Federico: How the <minCrossingRny> works?, when the app activate the hold of the plane? Watching the planes at EDDF can see planes taking off and taxi planes crossing the runway with less than 2000 mts. which is my value in my XML Regards Tony RD AIG Conversion Team
  13. Hi Federico: PM just sent. Tony RD AIG Conversion Team
  14. DChockey08: Does your add-on.xml is pointing to the path where you have installed the ATCAPI.dll? Tony RD AIG Conversion Team
  15. Sorry Federico my spanglish is not good. What I mean is the prop plane that lands at 70/80 kts and the taxiway is far, must taxi on the runway and take some time to reach the taxiway, in the mean time if a 747 is cleared to land at 150 kts, the 747 will travel so fast before the prop plane exit the runway. I told you about MMGL (Guadalajara, Mexico Airport Rwy 28) as an example to see how far is the first taxiway. You also can see the taxiways at MMEP (Tepic Airport) or MMAS (Aguascalientes Airport) . Almost all airports in Mexico has that kind of taxiways layouts. Hope this make sense, if not dont hesitate to tell me. Thanks for your quick response Tony RD AIG Conversion Team
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