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  1. Thanks everybody, back in town and reading some of the posts. Will fire up the beast and redo some of the settings. Cheers
  2. Thanks folks, how do I go about messaging privately on the forum? Ta!
  3. Hi All, thanks for the replies. to answer the first two my situation is this; complete novice! Just been given an older Saitek used set of peals, yoke, and instrument panels. Can take off but when I get to cruising altitude the plane veers sharp right or left and becomes Cessna 152. To howevr my no is [removed by moderator]. I will be away for the next couple of days but happy to talk. Cheers
  4. HI, From reading the posts I gather everyone is experienced in flight sim. I'm not. So are there any members of AVSIM living on the Gold Coast in Australia who would be willing to assist me please? Not sure about contact procedure but can give it a try. Cheers
  5. Hi folks, totally new to flight sim and have been given a yoke, rudder pedals, quadrant, 3 instrument panels, switch panel, radio panel, and a multi panel. All Saitek from some time ago. I think I have set them up properly but that may not be the case as I can take off in the Cessna 152 and climb to 5500ft but then the plane turns left and basically goes crazy. Any ideas from the experts? Ta!
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