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  1. Thanks. As I thought, but just wanted to double check! Great app by the way - I was on the official UK IAIP, eAIP site earlier today and found myself thinking they could learn a thing or two about flight planning and data visualisation from LNM! B
  2. Sorry, very basic question here - does the update require uninstalling the existing version? B
  3. Ah, yes you are right. But its still showing 2105 when I launch LNM, so all good!
  4. Hi Piotr, Issue resolved. I downloaded manually from the Navigraph website as you suggested and it worked fine and in on 2015. Thank you! For others reference, there were a few differences in Window 10: - When extracted the zip only give an .exe file (no .sqlite shown in the folder - hidden files were visible) - Launching this does the installation to the correct folder automatically - no need to use Explorer to find the right filepath. - When launching LNM afterwards there was no prompt to update the database to newest - the .exe had already done this. All very painless, but it would have been nice if the Navigraph FMS data manager app or LNM had synched... KRs Brendan
  5. I've been experiencing the same issue and found the same work-around. It would be good if ATC issued a 'did your hear my last transmission?' interrogative. (although they will issue the same instruction eg for a freq change if you fail to respond/act).
  6. Hi there - first off, thanks for a great tool. One small snag - when I launch its not pulling in the latest AIRAC 2105 and showing the default 1801 - I have a current and active Navigraph account and its working fine with MSFS and other add-ons like Pilot2ATC. I've checked that the settings and pathway in Navigraph FMS Manager are correct and also applied the manual approach suggested in your blog. But still no joy. Any suggestions? Kind regards Brendan
  7. Many thanks for the quick response - looking forward to giving it a go!
  8. Hi there, I wanted to check that FSUIPC7 is still required to run Pilot2ATC in MSFS2020?. If so, as I understand it FSUIPC7 is no longer in Beta, but that much of the functionality you get with the registration key may not be required? I've tried to download the v2.6.2 User Guide from the link in https://pilot2atc.com/V2Downloads but not getting a response. Thanks Brendan
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