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  1. Hi Richard, Sorry for answering your question so late, but if it can still help you (or anyone else) someone made a nice tutorial of the tool that will cover most of its functionalities:
  2. v0.4.0 is out and WindSailor is now fully compatible with Addons Linker! You can select the download policy at the start, and if you have the "per package" policy you'll be prompted on every new addon to set its download folder.
  3. Currently the tool is really focused on the local machine, maybe you could point the tool to a network folder and install it from there? I can't say I'm supporting out of the box all power-users use-cases, but it should be possible to handle most cases. Feel free to report any issues you might have. You can logging in and out as you want, see WindSailor like a dedicated browser for addon handling, nothing more. Yes I'm fully aware of it. My other tool is already fully compliant with those advanced needs. WindSailor already support custom folder installation, and I'm already working on an update to permit a per package folder installation (in case you want to install each addon in a particular folder).
  4. Hi All! I'm making a new tool to help you download and install addons from websites like flightsim.to: WindSailor https://flightsim.to/file/18195/windsailor The idea is a bit like my other tool: MSFS Community Downloader, to be able to manage more easily and more efficiently add-ons. (I mostly made this tool for me at first, since I hate doing the same manual operations again and again and again and again). With it, just browse your favorite addon website, launch a download, and that it, let the tool handle the download and installation process for you (unzip, find the community folder, delete old plugin, copy new one, etc). WindSailor is still in a very early state, but many updates are planned and should come soon (like supporting Linker use cases, etc).
  5. Hi, didn't notice this post before, yes the stable version of my tool is fully supporting the linker use cases. 🙂
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