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  1. It's A32NX instead of XN, but I can't edit my original post yet it seems. Waiting for final post approval... 🙂
  2. Hello all, This is my first post on this forum. It's also the first time I have ever flown a commercial airliner. I went for the A32XN mod because I saw a real A320 pilot recommend it on Youtube. It's been a very enjoyable learning experience so far, but I have noticed some strange behaviour, most of it probably already mentioned by others and known by the devs. Still, I want to share my experience as to get confirmation and/or tips from others with a similar experience: no VNAV (confirmed by the devs) 😞 no RNAV approaches (confirmed by the devs) 😞 😞 approach altitudes are difficult to maintain: in managed mode it never seems to be able to descend quickly enough to get to the required FAF altitude and pick up the ILS GS; so I mostly end up doing it manually by setting the VS enabling autopilot shortly after take-off sometimes results in the plane turning back to the airport (sometimes so hard that it overstresses the aircraft, crashing it), even though the next waypoint is correctly selected I had auto throttle increase thrust just after I forgot to enable approach mode and after I enabled it, like this: - manually reduced throttle to idle (to avoid overspeed with all the flaps out) - enabled approach mode - set throttle to CL (expecting auto throttle to keep it at idle since my speed > Vapp, descending) thrust increased so that it overstressed the aircraft, even though the PFD was clearly in approach mode with the Vapp correctly displayed when starting the sim on the runway or in the air the IRS still needs to align (workaround: setting realism in the MCDU menu to 'instant') alignment should only be done when ramp starting in my opinion Then, a question; does Cost Index do anything? I looked it up in the official Airbus documentation, so I know what it is, but does the mod do anything with this value? I really miss VNAV/RNAV approaches on this mod. Landing props or even a jet like the CJ4 are okay without it but big airliners like this...meh (doing it manually can be a fun challenge, sure, but not all the time). Still, I want to thank the people who are voluntarily investing time and effort in developing this mod, for free. It's great to see the open source community providing addon planes at (almost) study level fidelity. That said, I certainly would pay for a fully finished A320 🙂 Feel free to share your experiences, tips, quirks, etc... Thank you! HP
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