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    Washington state.
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    FSX SE. Music Production. Motor scooters. Photography. Cats.

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    I spend way too much time with flight sims, mostly FSX SE. I have 10270 sim hours so far and started counting 4 years ago. There are more hours from when FSX first came out that weren’t counted, and then other Microsoft flight sims going back to early 1980s.
    I also make ambient electronic music under my artist alias SmiteMatter and also run a mobile music blog focusing on music production apps for iOS. I love cats, riding my 150cc motor scooter, and photography.
  1. Thank you….but I’m not that tech savvy. Can you (or anybody) possibly dumb it down a little please? I never “placed” the HUD gauge file or app etc. anywhere….not sure what was meant by that as everything was installed using the installer at purchase. Sorry I’m a little confused and would appreciate help. kindest regards
  2. I very recently bought the Wilco Harrier product through SimMarket for my FSX SE on my Win 10 PC. Everything is fine except for the fact that there is no HUD in any livery’s cockpit. It’s just plain missing. Adjusting the HUD brightness or “thickness” dials don’t do anything at all. I’ve literally clicked on every single clickable in the cockpit and nothing brings up the HUD including shift-1. Does anybody have any advice or solution please?
  3. Simply adding “Stair” at the end of the title ( as instructed ) does not add stairs to the livery. Tried it but didn’t work. This is at least try for FSX Steam. Perhaps it works for boxed or other?
  4. Can someone please help me with correctly creating a TARGET profile mapping my Thrustmaster TCA Airbus HOTAS for use with FSX SE? As is I cannot get the throttles to work properly. They start at about %25 power even when calibrated at throttle settings to zero, and no reverse functions at all. At this point I don’t even care if I can get the reverses detents to work and would be fine with somehow mapping the throttle full power range from 0-100 (with detents physically removed from the unit) but TARGET has humiliated me by proving to be much smarter than I. I just want to use my controller with FSX SE. That’s all. Thrustmaster is not helpful at all, so I am here to beg for help from other FSX SE users who are competent with TARGET, TCA HOTAS with FSX SE. I hear that folks can share TARGET profiles? Anybody already set this up that can share the profile with me? Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.
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