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  1. UPDATE: The issue in the FBW experimental version has been fixed. Pushback Express works fine again. 😀
  2. The problem always occurs in the Experimental version of the FlyByWire A320. The pushback function cannot be switched off. The pushback truck is docking correctly to the airbus. But after the pushback command via PushbackExpress it only pushes slowly. In this case you can move a slider in the tablet of the A320, that will control the speed. However, the pushback driver will then no longer make the turn at the previously defined point.
  3. Yes, I noticed the problem yesterday too, and it is annoying. I know it's not your fault. However, can you guys find a solution for it? Because so the tool is unfortunately no longer reasonably usable, which is a pity, because it had always worked well in the past.
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