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  1. I installed the 777 in quite a while back and it has seemed to work flawlessly but just today when everything was setup in the fmc and the flightplan setup, the pane took off but had this 2 to one second hiccup before i lose all control of it and its stuck in the position i left off. the control surfaces move but the plane doesnt seem to budge. after that i tried using it without a flightplan and it seems to work just fine so its definetly something wrong in the configuration of the aircraft modified by something like fsuipc. but even after delete of fsuipc and other 777 effects it still doesnt work even after a reinstall. someone help pinpoint where this issue is coming from
  2. Quite recently i have installed precipitfx 777 immersion into FSX. However as soon as i loaded in one of the the presets provided by them in the fsx weather presets, nothing seems to happen when i spool up the engine or take off. All that is visible is the engine jet wash effect in the rain and the vortices in rainy and snowy presets but no engine or wing condensation. i have steves DX10 fixer installed and supposedly it converted these effects ( in the convert all effects drop down box ) yet there is no change. And after reading a few other forums it was something to do with installing the latest version of FSUIPC yet even after installing that there is no change. Also i dont know if fsuipc has something that controls particle effects or things like that because the fsuipc menu isnt opening in the fsx addon drop down menu so im afraid i'm at a dead end here.
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