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  1. Well, "Cloudpiercing", do let us know how it works out for you using the magic tweak offered by these helpful individuals here. That 'ole 172 tracking the runway centerline precisely like a Swiss watch now on all crosswind landings?
  2. To the OP of this thread: PLEASE, PLEASE stop listening to people responding to you that certain things can be tweaked to make the sim perform correctly. All they are doing is giving you a placebo and pretending they know what they are talking about. There is no fix for the current situation other than Asobo releasing another update, PERIOD. Indulging other people that keep telling you that it's the fault of your controller settings or technique, etc, are completely misguided. You'll just languish in frustration otherwise.
  3. The new friction variables that Aboso are bragging about HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO EFFECT currently. Try them yourself. Asobo are like this though - they will brag and hype about some technological breakthrough coming in the future, but meanwhile they give us a broken sim, which we currently have now. If Asobo KNEW that implementing gusting winds was going to make most, in not all of their own aircraft unflyable, why did they do it anyway????
  4. Sure. We'll patiently wait another 6 months to a year for Asobo to make their own aircraft flyable again, no problem. Probably they should all take a nice long vacation first though, you know, rest up and all. It's perfectly okay to break something via a mandatory update to the sim and then expect customers to just live with it until whenever.
  5. The default Asobo 172 is completely uncontrollable in a significant crosswind component situation with gusting winds since the release of the SU10 update, yes. Would everyone on here PLEASE stop telling this person that they are using the wrong technique or that his weather settings are wrong, etc. This has been reported multiple times on the official Microsoft forum; it's Asobo's fault. Whether or not they fix it remains to be seen.
  6. Firstly, thank you for your service during WWII. I mean, Rommel never saw your coming did he, and you were just getting started. And Montgomery was such a cad all the time, I swear. Anyway.... Asobo's new wind modeling is a complete trainwreck though, yes. I just wished I were surprised by how much the latest service updates end up being far worse than the ones preceding. Asobo are like an Octopus on roller skates: They always end up making progress in spite of the chaos but you are never sure if it's going to be forward, sideways, or backwards.
  7. 'But I don't want to go among mad people,' said Alice. 'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat. 'We're all mad here.'
  8. No, Emi, the 737 pilot that works for PMDG is in fact a real pilot rated on the type. However, he is extremely biased towards there NEVER being anything wrong with either PMDG's products or MSFS2020. Everything is perfect the way it is, even if it isn't because if it's broken you're wrong. I remember one particular quote he make to a commenter on one of his Youtube videos who mentioned the PMDG 737 was losing 2000ft during autopilot engaged turns (a now documented issue). Emi replied that it only happened in slower speed configurations and wasn't really an issue (typical of this guy). Then there was the time I personally commented on one of his videos that the PMDG 737 autopilot-coupled approach he was flying went almost two dots below the glideslope at the outer marker. "That's not really an issue....." Basically, any issue that could conceivably portray either PMDG or MSFS2020 in a less than stellar light is ALWAYS plausibly denied by Emi. Why? He's pushing an agenda to sell PMDG products and is paid very well to do so (he's not making these videos as a hobbyist sharing his professional insight with the community). A bug in the PMDG 737 can affect sales, therefore there are no bugs. If MSFS2020 is totally screwed up weather-wise post SU10, most people aren't going to invest in a complex sim like the PMDG 737 if they will have to spend every flight fighting hurricane-force wind gusts at takeoff and landing. "The new MSFS2020 weather is actually perfect now." On and on it goes.
  9. Apparently, the whole thread caused so much grief for gusties vs non-gusties that they deleted it. Hotfix will be issued either way though.
  10. Asobo has acknowledged this is a bug and will issue a hotfix soon.
  11. Oh my, you're opening a can of worms here, lol. Didn't you know - everyone is a real type-rated pilot here on the flight simulator forums. 😉
  12. LOL, well, when so many of these guys go out and spend $5000 for the latest video card (in addition to all of their other hardware investment) to get the best graphics and performance humanly possible, it's hard to accept that anything MSFS-related is not perfect ALL of the time. Considering all of Aosbo's compromises in realism (ground friction physics and winds gusts together pretty much ruin everything now), someone who only spends $900 for all of their hardware basically has the same overall simming experience. In other words, if you've spent $10000 for computer hardware to run MSFS2020 on a PC and a wind gust rolls your Cessna upside down in the pattern, you're simming on the same realism level as the kid playing MSFS2020 on his Xbox, joyfully crashing his plane on purpose because it's fun and Mom thinks he's doing his homework.
  13. Okay, THANKFULLY, Asobo will disable wind gusts with an upcoming hotfix this week or next, according to a thread on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator Forum. This was the right decision until gusts can be implemented realistically at some point in the future.
  14. Please be aware that the 737 pilot that made this Youtube video has an agenda - he is employed by PMDG and has an extensive history of glossing over flaws in both the PMDG 737 sim and MSFS2020 itself. Any inferences that MSFS2020 is not working realistically and that the PMDG 737 would be compromised as a result is BAD for business, so Emi (the 737 pilot) tends to immediately step in and demonstrate how not only is nothing wrong, but it's actually perfect. 😉 You will get this behavior from this guy over and over - his job is to sell PMDG products and stave off anything that gets in the way of that endeavor. Emi recently answered a question from a PMDG forum user about how the PMDG 737's own autopilot couldn't handle the new wind gusts and, as a result, the aircraft would violently veer off the runway. Emi assured the forum user that the real 737's autopilot can't handle gusting conditions either, which quite frankly is counter to every technical document I've ever read about the real 737. The new MSFS2020 wind gust introduced by SU10 are simply overdone and too erratic; not realistic at all. Asobo needs to dampen the effects or every landing we make will be essentially like landing in a hurricane. Real aircraft must indeed deal with gusting wind conditions, but Asobo needs to tune this extensively, otherwise they will alienate both developers and end-users who won't invest in products that have seriously compromised fidelity.
  15. It's the new perpetual surface wind gusts that are being generated at every airport in the sim post-SU10. You can forget about the windsocks gently fluttering in the breeze anymore - they will now always twitch and jerk, unfortunately.
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