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  1. All I got when I went Trick or Treating this year was a bunch of Tootsie Rolls and red licorice. Also, bubble gum that I'm pretty sure people had leftover from LAST Halloween. I guess I'm just mad at the world in general.
  2. Appears that the Iris PC-21 HUD gets wet inside the cockpit when it rains, making it unreadable in instrument conditions (this according to dialog exchange on the Iris Discord channel.) Developer responded with, "lol, yeah, that's the limitation with XML gauges. We're working on a HTML HUD, but for the moment, use the F-18" Default F-18 HUD also gets 'wet' and unreadable when it rains, btw. I just can't deal with this kind of mentality. Bang, erase, lesson learned - Iris hasn't changed much since the old days (sigh). India Foxtrot Echo, count me in.
  3. No, I suppose not. It would've been nice if Iris had made perhaps just a little more effort system-wise here. Even stock Asobo aircraft have at least a rudimentary cabin pressurization system and core avionics. Advising customers to use MSFS2020's autorudder assist in lieu of simulating a PC-21's PMS is pretty questionable though. Again, everything depends on user expectations. I personally appreciate someone who owns a product being upfront and candid about the features without being biased either way.
  4. Having purchased this now, my initial findings are that this is certainly not on par with a DCS-level study sim by any stretch of the imagination in terms of systems modeling. A lot of systems have not been modeled; symbology on the HUD can appear outside of the combiner glass due to "technical limitations." No environmental control system modeled (i.e. cabin pressurization); FMS is stock MSFS2020 which of course is c-r-a-p. Flight modeling-wise, aircraft performance is actually pretty good. There are questionable spin characteristics according to some, mainly in use of recovery technique in the Iris Sim vs. that of the real aircraft. Power Management System that is on the real PC-21 is not modeled on the Iris Sim aircraft and they humbly suggest you instead simply enable autorudder in MSFS2020. 🙄 Really depends on what you're looking for in a MSFS2020 add-on and whether your reference datum is a DCS level study-sim product. I don't hate the IRIS PC-21, but not sure if I'll ever love it. Overall, Iris Simulations is sorta in the middle between a Carenado product and a DCS aircraft: Not total c-r-a-p but also not the ultimate realism type add-on. Is Iris better than the offings from India Foxtrot Echo? Hmmmm, that is subject to debate.
  5. From the Iris PC-21 manual: "FLIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (FMS) - While the aircraft uses the CMC Flight Management System, due to technical limitations, we have a modified FMS based on the MSFS 747 unit."
  6. Baby steps. Getting that canopy closed is your first challenge right out of the gate. Stick with it and keep practicing - it'll come to you. 😉
  7. I wasn't a huge fan of Iris' PC-9 series for P3D due to lack of systems depth and glaring flight model issues, but the PC-21 for MSFS2020 looks like it has promise. I'm at least intrigued by some of the videos coming out since it was released.
  8. Game simmers don't want realism, dod gammit. They want to prove they are real pilots by constantly praising the unrealistic winds in MSFS2020 because doing so validates them as being a real pilot instead of just a gamer. Real, real pilots in the real world call out Asobo immediately for unrealistic wind representation, unless they work for PMDG and have an agenda to sell PMDG products on a flawed simulator platform. Then of course the hoards of fake real pilot gamers see the video the aforementioned actual real pilot who works for PMDG posts on Youtube and this immediately becomes the Golden Calf they worship. Meanwhile, yah, the winds in MSFS2020 are thoroughly screwed up and will very likely remain so if until Asobo actually consults with real pilots, this being bloody unlikely as the gamer crowd pretending to be real pilots demand what they think is real because someone else told them it was. On and on it goes.
  9. I don't know about anyone else, but I'll paint liveries for food. Food upfront though. Also, I like to take a nap after I eat so don't rush me.
  10. Windows 10/11 have some kind of built-in Xbox protection protocol that prevents copying or altering files installed by Xbox games/Microsoft Store. The above advice about archiving files out of the Community folder into a new archive file outside of the Community folder is a good workaround. Simply archive file_X out of Community folder into a new file 'C:\file_X.rar', etc. Then extract the file in question out of the new archive. Setting up the freeware MSFS2020 Addon Linker utility circumvents the annoying Xbox protection protocol altogether. It's available here: https://flightsim.to/file/1572/msfs-addons-linker
  11. I only have these stutters since SU11 - before with SU10 and DX11, everything on my rig was as smooth as butter for the most part. Has SU11 changed something with DX11 and/or CPU utilization?
  12. Not good. All it will take is a dropoff in sales for Microsoft to break and run. They've done it before as I pointed out earlier.
  13. Not exactly as simple as this. The point here is that Asobo used a GREAT DEAL of legacy FSX code to build MSFS2020, and not just the scenery engine component. Had they made MSFS2020 a brand new engine altogether with all modern programming tools, we wouldn't be seeing issues that we currently are. Ground friction physics among the most noticeable. Things that were broken in FSX find a new life in MSFS2020 to continue to be broken.
  14. The scenery engine is indeed old with P3D, but MSFS2020 is STILL using the BGL graphics system developed for the original version of SubLogic Flight Simulator released circa 1979, lol. 'BGL' stands for 'Bruce Artwick Graphics Language.' Do a wildcard search of your MSFS2020 installation, i.e, *.bgl.
  15. Even so in the above scenario, without access to the scenery database, MSFS2020 would be quickly edged-out by competitors XPlane or Prepar3D. Prepar3D is really a much better simulator platform in terms of 3rd party add-on evolution. Why would anyone indulge MFS2020 without it's scenery?
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