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  1. On this note, is there any talk from Aerosoft on making a CRJ200? It would make sense to complete the CRj family since they have the rest of them done.
  2. Is there a 737 MAX still being developed? I haven't heard of any recent announcements from PMDG about their MAX release and was curious if there is still a model being developed.
  3. I do think limiting FSLTL has helped with performance. I will also give it a shot on the new system.
  4. I am going from a 1080p resolution to 1440p resolution. I am not necessarily hoping to see a massive FPS boost in the new setup, but rather hoping for just an improvement on those heavy loaded scenarios like with the PMDG in an addon airport with AI traffic.
  5. I have just upgraded my intel i7/16gb ram/rtx3060 to an i9/32gb ram/rtx4070. With my current setup on ultra, I struggle to break 25 fps in the PMDG 737 with FSLTL at FSDT KORD. Should I be able to keep the settings at ultra and notice an increase in FPS at a heavy scenery area in the PMDG or alike?
  6. Is anyone aware of any developer currently or have plans to work on a CRJ200? Would be curious to see if Aerosoft adds to their CRJ 550/700/900/1000 family. I would love to see a decent model come available.
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