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  1. You are welcome Nico. You deserve it because of a great addon and for your customer service. Prost🍻
  2. Maybe my English isn´t that good what I thought it would be or I have an error in thinking at the moment.. Is it right, that with the new version there is no manual input of afcad needed anymore for exclusions? I tested it with no afcad and I have overlapping aircrafts. Should I empty the parkpositions in my updated file and learn from scratch those parkpositions?
  3. Now it´s working perfectly. I just edited the afcad again. Because in yours there were few missing. This is the final version. I will send it to you now.
  4. Glad I could help you. And of course you helped me much more. I will try now and give you feedback.
  5. I tried it with 3 excludes with the new version. PSXT still crashes. So I left it with 2. I finished all the afcad entries now. But still having overlapping aircrafts at the excluded gates. I don´t understand why. I don´t have duplicated EDDB files in my installation. Just one in thirdparty and one in updated folder. I will send you the new file. Maybe you can check the afcad section again.
  6. Sorry...but I have two more questions. I already started editing the afcad. I went in an issue. I just can ecxclude 2 parkpositions per parkposition in one line. If I enter a third PSXT crashes. So i entered an extra line for the third exclusion: <parkpos id="B7" airls="" excludes="B7A,B7B" /> <parkpos id="B7A" airls="" excludes="B7,B7B" /> <parkpos id="B7A" airls="" excludes="B8" /> <parkpos id="B8" airls="" excludes="B7A,B7B" /> <parkpos id="B7B" airls="" excludes="B7,B7A" /> <parkpos id="B7B" airls="" excludes="B8" /> Second I wan´t to reserve few gates for specific aircraft types. Can I do it with afcad like this? Is it just type or types?: <parkpos id="B15B" types="A388,B748" airls="" excludes="B15,B15A" />
  7. There aren´t two different files. But this with afcad is the anwser I needed. I will do it now for all those gates an email you the updated EDDB file. Thank you
  8. Now everything is working. The gates are recognized by PSXT. But now I have a problem with overlapping aircrafts. For exemple the gates B9, B9A and B10. PSXT places a Scoot 788 in 9A (thats´correct because of the wingspan) at B9A between the static aircrafts before departure time. At departure time the static aircrafts disappear. Has it something to do with still using the old updated airport file? Should I delete it and start learn again with empty file?
  9. I have seen the radius issue too and fixed it. I've now manually added the missing gates and ramps for aerosoft and MSFS with the correct coordinates. Can I upload them here somewhere so that others can use them too?
  10. You already helped a lot. I could get the Ramps D working now. Thank you
  11. This is Aerosoft Ramps 😧 <parkpos id="D1" latitude="52.366848" longitude="13.499244" heading="248.8" radius="40.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D1101" latitude="52.363018" longitude="13.501670" heading="248.8" radius="40.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D12" latitude="52.362221" longitude="13.502182" heading="248.8" radius="25.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D13" latitude="52.361797" longitude="13.502497" heading="248.8" radius="25.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D1501" latitude="52.361187" longitude="13.502855" heading="248.8" radius="40.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D1701" latitude="52.360462" longitude="13.503321" heading="248.8" radius="40.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D1901" latitude="52.359764" longitude="13.503791" heading="248.8" radius="40.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D2101" latitude="52.358944" longitude="13.504292" heading="248.8" radius="40.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D22" latitude="52.358273" longitude="13.504725" heading="248.8" radius="40.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D301" latitude="52.366192" longitude="13.499721" heading="248.8" radius="40.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D501" latitude="52.365231" longitude="13.500314" heading="248.8" radius="40.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D701" latitude="52.364491" longitude="13.500756" heading="248.8" radius="40.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D901" latitude="52.363754" longitude="13.501228" heading="248.8" radius="40.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> This is stock Ramps 😧 <parkpos id="D1" latitude="52.366894" longitude="13.499469" heading="250.3" radius="14.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D10" latitude="52.363270" longitude="13.501557" heading="248.4" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D11" latitude="52.362976" longitude="13.501493" heading="249.2" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D12" latitude="52.362221" longitude="13.502145" heading="248.1" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D13" latitude="52.361889" longitude="13.502154" heading="246.7" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D14" latitude="52.361427" longitude="13.502721" heading="248.6" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D15" latitude="52.361141" longitude="13.502675" heading="246.7" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D16" latitude="52.360767" longitude="13.503256" heading="250.2" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D17" latitude="52.360447" longitude="13.503256" heading="248.9" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D18" latitude="52.359951" longitude="13.503604" heading="248.6" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D19" latitude="52.359615" longitude="13.503790" heading="249.3" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D2" latitude="52.366348" longitude="13.499475" heading="250.0" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D20" latitude="52.359119" longitude="13.504116" heading="249.6" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D21" latitude="52.358891" longitude="13.504036" heading="248.3" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D22" latitude="52.358215" longitude="13.504498" heading="249.1" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D3" latitude="52.366165" longitude="13.499598" heading="250.1" radius="8.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D4" latitude="52.365429" longitude="13.499980" heading="249.9" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D5" latitude="52.365078" longitude="13.500363" heading="250.0" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D6" latitude="52.364723" longitude="13.500525" heading="250.4" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D7" latitude="52.364357" longitude="13.500830" heading="249.0" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D8" latitude="52.363987" longitude="13.501060" heading="249.8" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="D9" latitude="52.363621" longitude="13.501276" heading="250.8" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> In Aerosoft there are those numbers like : "D1101" . It should be "D11A" "D1501". It should be "D15A"...... Same for the rest. 01 stands for A But those gates aren´t in the stock EDDB. In Aerosoft are missing D2 to D11 and D14 to D21
  12. First of all I would like to thank you for the great work. I have a problem with EDDB Aerosoft. With Aerosoft, many gate and ramp numbers are incorrect. For example, Ramp A3A at Aerosoft is referred to as A301 and so on. And it is precisely these that are not filled by PSXT. It's a pity, because these are exactly the positions where the big planes are. I have read the FAQ's and the documentation for PSXT. In the MSFS EDDB stock version at least most of the ramps and gates are correctly labeled. Aerosoft is 10 times better at displaying the scenery. How can I get PSXT to also fill the ramps and gates from the stock version when using Aerosoft? I just deactivated Aerosoft and let the stock version learn. After that I would like to use the Aerosoft Airport again. Does PSXT then also load the learned file of the stock version?
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