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  1. Hi Gerald, Many thanks for your answer. And sorry for the tone of my message, I was a bit tired after hours trying to solve it by myself... You're right, MCE isn't a flight plan software, and in fact I could simply use the ATC and flight plan separately, it's not a tragedy, but it would be muuuuuuch better with SimBrief integration. I bought MCE because every other features work great, and I don't regret it. I would like to use it for all my liner flights. It's just frustrating for people like me that are not especially IT-geek... 🙂 You never know if you made something wrong or not. OK, let's see if this new patch will help. 😉 Thank you. Gaël
  2. Hi, I am not a computer scientist or a programmer. I just want to easily use an expensive app and not spend my nights fixing boring stuff. I am permanently connected to Simbrief (besides I do not know where is the button "keep me logged in" in Simbrief you are meaning, I spent 1 hour searching) ??? I already had the same problem with MCE-PMDG 737, it didn't work. I read that this issue is known but that it works well with Ultimate Version. So I bought the lateste ultimate version because I also would like it for all the aircrafts. It's still not okay: Invalid Simbrief ID number. You may not be logged into your account or no flight plan exists... I have a valid flight plan, introduced my correct Simbrief ID number, MSFS is running okay, with the correct aircraft at the correct airport. I tried to insert manually my SimbriefID in the MCE.INI file as you recommended above (I save it but as soon as I start MCE it doesn't recognize it, and the ID-number disappears when I then check the file again). I tried many flight plans, many aircrafts. I tried with native ATC, and with Other ATC. I tried to get the patch in the installation folder as mentionned above... Sorry, it's really boring and I would like to run it correctly now. What should I do ???? Please help us.
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