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  1. nvm found it by searching my whole c drive lol. I moved it over
  2. wait, one more question. How do I find the "lorbysi-content-hooks"?
  3. Okay, thank you so much! The WebAPI section was really worrying me haha. I appreciate your work on the plugin and all your help here!
  4. it is the Fenix a320. I tried out the Citation Longitude last night and it was working. When you say "community folder," do you mean com.lorbysi.aao.sdplugin? I'm sorry I am new to flight sim and the streamdeck. Regarding the WebAPI, when I watched tutorials on YT about setting up AAO plugins, when they went to the "tools" page, it had their port automatically selected. Mine wasn't showing the same and only shows "configure WebAPI," so that is why I was worried.
  5. Hello, I am attaching pictures of my issue through my Reddit post (sorry for the quality). I just got a streamdeck pretty much exclusively for MSFS, besides for when I stream. I follow all installation instructions to a T, but when I’m watching others on YouTube install actual profiles, their WebAPI automatically goes to their selected port. Whether I do the default (9080) or custom (6080 and yes I updated it in AAO and the .js folders in the files), it doesn’t give me that option. It only shows enable WebAPIs and I’ve done it several times, restarted/reinstalled the app and restarted my computer several times. I have also done the custom firewall rules. I am really hoping this is some obvious issue I’m missing. When I load up into the A320 (this is the plug-in I’m first starting with), I can see the flight data like pressure, but no buttons work.
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