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  1. Okay, thanks again Dave - it's good to know what to expect and work with it.
  2. Still importing content from MakeRunways, I was just wondering - regarding FSLTL Trafic Inject, will Pilot2Atc, interacts with these ? I've heard it will not control them, but at least see it for controlling you around around that trafic ? What is to be expected ? What are the limitation and is there extra configuration to do ?
  3. Okay, thanks for your replies. I'm going to try and see if it's better 🙂
  4. Okay thanks ! I just red that section - unfortunate to download and configure once again. I'll try that for my next flight from EGLL back to EIDW. Understood for the ground-tower loop, although when you get into these loop, you're kinda screwed, can't really do a 180 on the holding point and make your way to another one, I would hope for a override function ? So the ATC can be like, okay, let's work with that then. ? Just to add some flexibility ?
  5. Hey guys ! I am trying to leave VATSIM for my flights for the following reaons : 1:Empty Airports, 2: Baby coming soon 3: Lack of trafic 4: Lotsm of uncontrolled airspace Therefore I'm more looking in injected Trafic (FSLTL) and the best immersion possible (I know that is possible even offline) So I started trying P2A, but since I only have 9 remaining days, no time to loose in order to see if the product is for me or not. Even though it took me quite a long time to configured it (Installing update, updating it's Airac Cycle, voice input, sound output) it seems to be working out now, though few question for my first 5 minutes flight which did not work as expected. First scenario, well, he could not understand my clearance Read back so I used ''Say it'' function, requested pushback, request taxi, so far so good. I am parked at EIDW Stand 404, he gave me these intructions ''TAXI 10L via L2 (I guess thats Link 2), F2, F3, F4, AT5, D3, Hold Short 28R : https://snipboard.io/DT0FVd.jpg (Taxi Chart here) - AT5, D3, does not exist and... Hold short 28R ?? ehhh I should have got something like TAXI 10L Via L2, F2, F3, FOuter, N, Cross 16 on M Hold short 10L. So then I readback his taxi instructions, got no response so I started taxiing my way to N7, while using bad taxiways he never told my like SHAMROCK 154 are you lost, or anything. Oh and when I started taxiing, an inject aircraft was on my way and he did not tell me to give way to that company 737 (RyanAir). I arrived at N7, Say ''Ground, Shamrock 154 holding short 10L ready for departure, he told me ''Contact tower 118.6'' redback, called tower, he said ''Contact ground on xxxx,'' He said contact tower, so was stuck in a loop... Started my take off and from there, unable to spead to ATC. Anything I have done wrong in all this ? Please let me know, I would love to use P2A if I can. Perhaps I was in a bad airport for it ? Do I have to any config so it interacts with trafic ? Any help would be much appreciated <3
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