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  1. It's Back! I had to delete the Shaders (C:\.....\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX) due to a problem with AS16 and now I can see it again.
  2. That’s a nice app, thanks for the recommendation. I’ve done some test on multiple locations (EHAM, ENNA, YPDN, NZAA and SAWH) at 5 different time intervals, turned the brightness of the screen way up and turned AS16 off (to improve visibility), but unfortunaly in none of the cases the milky way was visible. I’ll do some more tests. Is it possible that some other textures (like updated sky or cloud textures) intervene with the milky way textures?
  3. Thanks for your reply! I took the “MilkyWay_lm.dds” from the zip and the “MilkyWay.dds” from a clean FSX installation on a different computer, but unfortunately that didn’t do it. I also un-blocked them from the Security block in properties, but that didn’t help either.
  4. Hello there, For a couple of moths to years now, I noticed the Milky Way is completely missing. I use the Night Sky HD textures, but even when I put the original textures and stars.bat back nothing pops up. Also rebuilding the FSX.cfg didn't help. I am guessing there is an effect or object missing, but I can't find out which one. FSX itself is running without further issues or errors. The last time I remember to have seen the milky Way in FSX is about 5-6 years ago. Kind Regards,
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