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  1. Ah that was the final hint - PLUS, I just saw it in this neato introduction for the xTouch Mini: https://www.flusi.info/index.php?attachment/45878-xtouchgauge-documentation-pdf/ Thank you for your support!
  2. Ah thank you, that solved most of the problems, yet, the flight director status is still not readable though I tried K: and L: ... But thx anyways!
  3. Hey, I am right now working on lighting up my LEDs on the xTouch Mini with the fbw a320 - and therefore reading A:Simvars like (A:AUTOPILOT FLIGHT DIRECTOR ACTIVE, Bool) or (a:A32NX_AUTOPILOT_ACTIVE, Bool) and many others. So, for e.g. the Baro reference I get values but the aforementioned variables ALWAYS deliver 0. (The LS, LOC etc, too) I am able to send commands to the simulator as well as read some specific values, yet, the fcu-stuff does not change nor deliver any value > 0. Is there any precondition I am missing? Anything that has to be done to make these values work? TY in advance!
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