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  1. Hello everyone, I tried to google this one but it seems like I'm the only person with this issue. I recently bought a T16000M FMC HOTAS for msfs. I've set it up as best as I could for my fitting but with PMDG 737 I'm getting the weirdest bug. I've mapped "Hold throttle reverse thrust" to a button so when I hold it and move the throttle forward reverse thrust engages. The issue is - it just won't disengage. When the plane is slowed down I get the throttle to idle and let go of the "hold reverse" button. Afterwards the plane stops and when I want to taxi the throttles are completely unresponsive. I can't even increase thrust on keyboard or by clicking the throttles with a mouse. What I can do is go full reverse thrust again and that's it. While taxiing in reverse sounds very interesting, it's not exactly what I want to do. Anyone has any idea what I can change to fix this?
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