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  1. Hi sorry again I did take on board about the dev mode being for 2020 but did not realise that the tut was for 2020. Back to my original post. Is there anyway that I could replicate any man’s tut in fax. what I need(hope) to do is, with a single click go to a close up view of the auto pilot on the Kap140 unit Many thanks for your insight up to now and once again sorry for my misunderstanding.
  2. Hi this is the image sorry for mistake its my first time doing images this way
  3. Hi following on from previous. I have found a tutorial on flight simulator forum by this beta tester called Anyman at https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/guide-how-to-configure-cockpit-views-cameras-using-custom-camera-controller-assignments/171116 It is exactly what I want ie to position the free camera (with zoom ) and assign a numpad key to it. I understand the first part of the tut but when it comes to the part where he explains how to "bind" the custom camera with the desired buttons ie num pad 1 I am completely stuck. could anybody tell me how to access this screen (see image)
  4. Thanks For your prompt rrplies Will try your suggestions re cameras
  5. Hi I am trying to set up my numpad to control the cameras in fsx VC I have been told that i need to enable developer mode to do this When I googled how to to this the answer was quite simple. Load fsx, go to menu,options,general options,Enable dev mode when I went to options there was no Gen options available. I Am running FSX deluxe under win 10 and have the latest version of SDK installed Can anybody tell me either how to enable Dev mode or (preferably) how to program my num pad with word not allowed proof step by step instructions Thanks in advance Regards Art
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