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  1. I've been in the game for far far too many years now to take criticism to much to heart, and most is water off a ducks back. But I do appreciate a constructive conversation with yourself tonight. I don't think people quite realise how many hours us streamers put into creating and preparing content, I would love to have a bit more time to read manuals... but there is just isn't enough hours in the day lol. Wish you all the best! 🙂
  2. I don't think my initial statement is misleading at all. More viewers does not equate to 'extra money', in no way at all. 'Chat engagement /current viewers /average viewer count' - none of these parameters mean we get a better percentage. I review many products at the drop of a hat on stream as soon as they drop. I have given many positive and negative reviews on an array of products. I've watched a few more streamers tonight and I'm glad my opinion has been backed up by the issues they have been having. There is no way a program should require users to go through such an effort to get it working. Still even hours later, I don't get what this product has been designed for. As for affecting someone else's way of earning a living - I owe it to my community to be honest and open about my feeling towards a product both positive and/or negative. I want my showcase to be a reason as to whether people choose to or not choose to purchase a product. Probably my showcase would turn people away from buying the product, because I personally don't think it offers enough value for £25. But, again it is subjective and I will always make my true feelings known to my community. That being said I have given negative reviews before on things and gone on to love a product in the future once issues have been fixed. So hopefully that can happen at some point.
  3. Yeah, somebody donates £100+ worth of subs, we will just ignore it, fantastic mate, sure you'd get on well in our jobs lol!
  4. I am a Twitch streamer. I was already live at this point. We don't get 'extra money' for the amount of viewers we have.
  5. I wouldn't say I was unprepared at all. I've been streaming for nearly 5 years and check out new products all the time. Unfortunately first impressions really do count and the 'faff' that I had to go through to get it 'working' seemed really not worth my time. That being said I would of course be up for checking it out again once teething issues have been cleared!
  6. If you knew anything about me or my streams you would know that I was very excited for AS for MSFS. Was really interested to see what it would bring different from default. It brought absolutley nothing different personally - and in fact actually looked worse than default. And I had to pay for the privilege. Other people with Flow and 'Toolbar Mods' experienced the same issue as me with weird weather depiction. So what does this product actually do? They can't change the weather depiction because the API, then can't add a weather radar because of the API. I know this isn't their fault and I'm sure they would love to change these things, but I don't get (and still don't) what I am paying £25 for?
  7. I was using flow and was having the same issues that people with the 'nohandlebar' mod where having. So I wouldn't say it is compatible.
  8. Hi, I am not using the notoolbarhandle mod anyway - so that isn't the issue. I keep seeing people saying "oh it's working" - but what is really working? I personally don't understand the point in the product, what benefit is there of having it? I would say I was very patient with the product - I was like in front of 700+ viewers and tried to do multiple things to get it working. I concluded that at the moment, it was a pretty pointless purchase for me. There wasn't anything in it that I don't already get from default WX in MSFS. Jamie
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