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  1. I have the alpha xpc controller and when I run msfs on steam, it recognise as the alpha. The diagram layout does not look like the xpc layout. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or is this how it suppose to be?? I want to bind the alpha t work as throttle and rudder since I do not have the throttle quadrant or a rudder pedal. on steam: xpc layout: binding the alpha xpc with no throttle qradrant:
  2. Hello guys. I am venturing into sim gaming and am deciding on my controllers. Originally, I was going to go with the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight stick. It has most of the controls needed to start playing. After some more researching and thinking. I have changed my mind and now eyeing on the Honeycomb lineup. This will probably be a better choice for me since down the road I will most likely be upgrading my controllers. Yes, the Honeycomb do cost more but I have read many say the price is reasonably since the quality of build is up there. Also, it will save me storage space since I do not have a lot of extra space around the home to store unwanted controllers. Here is my question. Is $509usd too much for the Bravo? Where I am from, the price for the Bravo has been inflated. The Alpha XPC is not. I also did some calculation if I were to buy the Bravo from the USA and have it ship to me. The price after shipping and possibly duty tax will come up close not to mention the chances of the package getting lost in transit.
  3. Did you remembered the sales price for the Deluxe?? The next sale is in June 27 for steam.
  4. Wow, that is an affordable price. Though I do not have a dvd drive. From their FAQ.
  5. Is it worth getting the msfs2020 deluxe or the standard is ok for starting out? Most like will get the msfs2024 when release this year as well. Also, is the Turtle Beach VelocityOne ok for entry level? There seems to be attachments you can get as well( speaking of the rudder) Is the center stiffen on the stick that big of a deal as I have read from several reviews?
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