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Found 12 results

  1. Good Morning, I was informed by our IT department that the MSFS Library is now functioning for uploads and downloads. If you upload anything, please adhere to the guidelines and remember that piracy is not tolerated. Thank you for your patience while we got this up and running.
  2. Hi all, I am posting this thread to inform the flight sim community that Aviation Virtual is hosting open interviews at 11:30 AM EST on Saturday, March 4, 2017, and Sunday, March 5, 2017. If you get accepted, you will be notified via email on Sunday, March 5, 2017, @ 5:30 PM EST. Thank you, CEO-Jonah Norton P.S you can find the website at aviationvirtual.ga and the teamspeak3 server at
  3. Today I appointed Elaine (Poppet) to the AVSIM Moderator Team. Elaine is certainly a hard worker in the AVSIM community with all of her "How To" guides and has been as outstanding asset to the whole Flight Simulation Community. She certainly deserves the appointment after all of her hard work and accomplishments! I wish to extend my congratulations on her appointment and wish her much success in her many and varied duties here at AVSIM. Best regards, Jim
  4. Beta testers, posting in the AVSIM Forums, should make everyone aware of your affiliation(s) in your signature so our membership can see where you are coming from when posting. In the past we asked developers to let us know if they are developers so members can see the individuals affiliation when posting. We never did this for beta testers but, ethically and morally, letting our membership know who you represent or work for should be included in your signature. Beta testers should be proud to show they are beta testing products! I have seen a lot of outstanding banners in signatures showing the product with the words "Beta Tester" inside. That's a good idea but I am not asking for everyone to post a banner with the words "beta tester" inscribed, just asking everyone to indicate they are a beta tester for (name of company). That way our members will know, just like we know many members are developers, they are beta testing. Thanks to everyone for your cooperation.
  5. Good afternoon library contributors, Just as a reminder when you upload files to the AVSIM.com library. All files are required to have a readme.txt file (or something similar) included. The readme.txt file needs to have installation instructions as well as support information included. Support information can be e-mail, forums or any social media site that will allow someone to contact you. All files must be in .zip format. Full names are required as well under the "Author" tab. Also, the title of the subject can be changed by the library administrators. Generally, the format is as follows (this is just an example). United Airlines "80's" Boeing 747-400 (N601UA). So Airline first, Special livery details in quotes, Manufacturer, Airframe type and then tail number if provided. Please refrain from using special characters in your file name as the system does not like them. Underscores are ok. This should go without saying, but theft of intellectual property (such as copyright infringement) will not be tolerated. Violations can result in actions as small as file deletion and can lead up to permanent banning from the Avsim system plus any civil liabilities from the owner of the original material. When you upload your file, it will be sent in a holding area so an Administrator will check it over prior to putting it in the library. I cant speak for the other admins, but I usually look at it in the morning, and again when I get home from work. So sometimes there can be many hours between when you upload your file and when it is submitted in the library. Hosting your files here is a privilege and not a right.The Avsim administration can remove files at anytime if deemed necessary, We are all working together to ensure that we have the best and most diverse library possible. We are all volunteers in this endeavor so be patient with us when there are delays with processing your files or when we make requests. I promise you that we are working hard to ensure yo get the credit you want and deserve for your hard work. As usual, thank you for your patience and understanding. We are always available to answer questions either here on the forums or by e-mail at: library@avsim.com
  6. We are not going to allow several posts of images inside of one topic anymore. It is very difficult for our moderators to police the topics as some of the topics are over 100 pages and it is difficult to police any inappropriate behavior. The image posting rules located under the Forums tab above or in my signature below will be enforced. Let's have one topic, with an appropriate subject, with a one set of images (not to exceed 20). Members can then respond to each topic as appropriate but cannot add more images to the topic. A new topic will have to be started if you have more images you would like to display. If there are multiple posts with images inside one topic, those images may be split off by a Moderator to form a new topic or the images will be removed. The images posted by most members here in the screenshot forum are sometimes stunning. I think it would be helpful to our membership if you could tell us something about the image(s) like the aircraft (such as the PMDG 777 or Turbine Duke 60, etc.), the airport (FSDT KORD, FlyTampa, Taxi2Gate, etc.) where the image was taken, or where were you when you captured the image (such as over Virginia using MSE v2.0). What was the simulator you used (FSX, FSX-SE, X-Plane, P3D, etc.). In others words give us the what, when, where as many individuals would like to see what some scenery or aircraft looks like before purchasing. You might want to also add tags to your topic with appropriate information too. Thanks for your cooperation.
  7. On behalf of the CEO and Board of Directors', welcome new member! We are glad to have you here as a new member in our growing world wide community. Joining forums can be a pretty intimidating experience, especially forums that may not be in your native language or that share your cultural norms. At AVSIM we have worked for over 18 years to make this as welcome a home as can be created for our global flight simming community. We work daily to improve that experience for everyone here. And that is why you find this welcoming forum here for you. In order for you to participate in the New Member forum and every where else within AVSIM, you must register (see "Help Using the AVSIM Forums for some restrictions we have imposed on New Members). As an unregistered Guest, you can read nearly everything there is to read on AVSIM. In order to participate, you need to register and become a member with over 120,000 fellow enthusiasts who are also full members here. There is no cost to do so; registration is simple and totally free. Once you register, we strongly recommend reading the "Rules and Policies" in the Tab above. The purpose of this forum is simply to provide you, the new member, a place where new member questions are welcome and encouraged. As I said, joining forums can be intimidating and especially so to someone new to the hobby. This forum gives you the opportunity to get your feet wet one toe at a time, and where no question will be ridiculed or where you will be made to feel unwelcome for asking it. Don't lurk. Dive in here and explore the hobby a bit while you get to know the depth and breadth of the AVSIM Community and our over 250 forums. Again, welcome to AVSIM new member!
  8. PMDG has announced they have set up Official Forums at the PMDG website. AVSIM policy (created by the late owner) was that AVSIM would host official support forums for any developer for no cost. Developers could then advertise within their forums and moderate their respective forums until they set up their own forums on another website or on their personal website. Now that PMDG has announced their move to the PMDG website, AVSIM will now move the forums to the User-to-User Support section of AVSIM and the AVSIM moderators will take over moderation of these forums. The major change will be that the PMDG Rules for posting on AVSIM will now end and members posting questions in these forums will be subject to the AVSIM rules and policies and the AVSIM Terms of Service. On behalf of the AVSIM CEO and the Board of Directors, we thank PMDG for allowing AVSIM to host their official forums for over 20 years. We are sad to see them depart but respect their decision to leave. Thanks for being a great contributor to AVSIM's success!
  9. We have a lot of excellent images from the various flight simulators and our members should be proud of their contributions to our community. At one time (and for a long time) we had only FS9 and FSX simulators. Now, thankfully, we have several simulators that are users have set up. We have received recommendations from the community asking that our members be required to indicate the simulator used for the images in the topic title. This sounds like an excellent recommendation. Effective immediately, please indicate the simulator used (XP-11, P3DvX, FSX, FSX-SE, or DTG FSW) in your topic title or properly tagged with the name of the simulator. Topics without the name of the simulator in the title and/or tagged with the name of the simulator may be removed by a moderator or will be edited to reflect the name of the simulator. Members are reminded that they can view the first page of any topic by holding their cursor over the topic title and reviewed before opening. Thank you for your cooperation.
  10. AVSIM’s (Tom’s) Policy Regarding Commercial and Freeware Support Forums at AVSIM Did you know AVSIM provides free space for commercial and freeware developers so they can provide support for their product(s)? The Board of Director’s continues Tom’s legacy and the commercial support forums are still free. Developers can also advertise within their forums and even provide links to their respective product(s). There are rules the commercial developer must abide by though and this document is to provide information about those policies since there was never any written policy provided. If a commercial or freeware developer wants to create a support forum here at AVSIM – Using the AVSIM Contact Form, please provide the name of your forum; a short description, to include sub-forums, if applicable; a link to your website if you have a website; a logo we can use to identify your forum (see examples in our commercial forum section; logos cannot be wider than 170 pixels wide), and name of individual(s) who will help you moderate the forum (they must be members at AVSIM in good standing). Rules after forum is created – Must be flight simulation related (i.e., an add-on for a flight simulation product). AVSIM reserves the right to remove or close any forum at any time. When necessary, we will contact the forum owner of any action taken. Advertising is allowed within main forum and all sub-forums. You are responsible for moderating your forums. AVSIM moderators will moderate the forums only for certain violations of the AVSIM Terms of Service as follows: Threats and Intimidation of Staff and Members Stalking, Predatory Practices, Pedophilia, Pornographic links or material Piracy, Key Sharing, Link Sharing, EULA Busting, etc. Spammers Copyright violations Use the “Report Post” inside each topic and post to immediately inform the AVSIM Moderating Team of a violation, to include posts or topics where you believe the member should be warned (you will have the ability to remove or delete an offensive topic or post). If necessary, pin Forum Rules. AVSIM must be the only location for your support forums (does not apply to Freeware Forums). If it is discovered you have forums setup on other websites, to include your own, the forums at AVSIM will be immediately closed and the developer notified of the violation. AVSIM does not provide free advertising for any developer and, having a forum on several websites would constitute free advertising. Advertising revenue is one of the resources used to keep AVSIM running. Your website, if any, must include a link to your support forums at AVSIM. Notify Forums Administrator or AVSIM Staff immediately when you decide to close your support forums. Forums will be closed when discussions end. Forums are then locked/read-only and eventually sent to the AVSIM bottomless pit. AVSIM reserves the right to change any rule and charge developer’s for use of the AVSIM site for their support forums. We will provide at least a two weeks’ notice if the CEO or Board of Director’s decided to implement an annual fee. The main contact for creating/removing forums is the Forums Administrator (currently Bob Scott- w6kd) and/or Jim Young. These Administrator’s will also be the contacts you should use if you have further questions or need further assistance.
  11. Want to train or fly like real world pilots do? This topic contains a list of real flight simulators around the world. If an owner or member knows the location of a real flight simulator, please PM me and I will add the simulator to the list. This way, if a member is traveling to that city, living in or near the city, they can set up an appointment. Please include a link to the site. Dream Aero, Washington, DC - http://dream.aero/dc/ Aerosim Experience - Laval, Quebec (just north of Montreal) - https://aerosimexperience.com/en/our-flights/ The Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta, GA has a Boeing 737-200 simulator - https://tickets.deltamuseum.org/products/flight-simulator Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Experience, Sim Center, Tampa Bay, FL - https://www.viator.com/tours/Clearwater/Boeing-737-Flight-Simulator-Experience/d22457-8644P1 Virtual Aerospace, locations in Manchester, Northampton, West Sussex, and Gloucester - https://www.virtual-aerospace.com/product/60-minute-flight-simulator-session/ Flight Simulator Experiences, Cambridge Airport (near London Stansted Airport) - https://www.flightdeckfriend.com/flight-simulator-experience-c1c6l Flight Experience Singapore - https://singapore.flightexperience.com.sg/ Flight Experience Bangkok - https://bangkok.flightexperience.com/ Flight Experience Kuala Lumpur - https://kualalumpur.flightexperience.com/ Flight Experience Asia with locations in Kuwait, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Singapore - https://flightexperience.com/ Flight Experience Australia with locations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney - https://flightexperience.com/ Flight Experience Europe with locations in London, Marbella Spain, and Paris - https://flightexperience.com/ FlightDeck Flight Simulation Center, Anaheim - https://flightdeck1.com/ Airline Captain for a Day, Henderson, NV - https://airlinecaptainforaday.com/ ProFlight with locations in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Essen, and Vienna - https://www.proflight.com/en/full-flight-simulatoren/index.php Flight Sim Experience, Charlotte, NC - https://www.carolinasaviation.org/new-flight-simulator-experience/ FSX Chicago - https://fsxchicago.com/?page_id=1504 Extreme Flight Simulation, Chicago - https://extremeflightsimulation.com/ Concorde Simulator, Brooklands Museum, Surrey, England - https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/concorde. The only Concorde Simulator in the world! SWESIM, B737 and a SAAB J 35J Draken, Årsta just outside central Stockholm in Sweden - https://www.swesim.se/ Fly SimFlight - B737 Simulator, 24568 Kaltenkirchen - http://fly@simflight.de Brussels Flight Simulators, B737, Brussels, Belgium - https://brusselsflightsimulators.com/en European Flight Simulator, Brussels South Airport (Gosselies), Brussels, Belgium - http://walloniabelgiumtourism.co.uk/en-gb/content/pilot-boeing-737-european-flight-simulator-gosselies
  12. Good afternoon, I’m proud to introduce a new Library Manager, James Driskell! James is a long time member of the community and will be working along side of me to ensure that Avsim.com Library is as up to date as possible and continues to be a premiere source of files for the simulator community. He will be getting trained and up to speed over the next week or so. Congratulations James!
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