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737NG sound problem

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Help! I need assistance with a sound problem which seems to affect mostly the 7373NG. I'm getting a horrible loud buzzing crackling static sound which seems to be triggered by a change in view. If I start a flight at the gate inside the cockpit all seems well, If I then hit 'S' to go to an outside view the noise starts and usually will not clear. If I then select a default 737 with 3rd party sound files the noise continues but with a slightly different tone. But if I start with the default a/craft there is no problem.This has occurred since I had to format my HD and re-install Win XP. I thought it was being caused by one of the MS updates that I installed but I have now removed that last five of the twelve one at a time but no joy.The noise goes through a repeating cycle but it is not related to any noise the aircraft is making, which is drowned out by the din anyway!No other programme has any sound problem and I can play the individual PMDG sound files as WAV files with no problem. My sound card driver is the same as I have previously used for over a year with no problem.Are there any issues with PMDG sound files? I would welcome any assistance as, at present, I cannot use the 737NG. Thanks.Iain

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Iain-lemme guess:You have a Soundblaster Live Player (or plain) card. If that's the case, go update the drivers with the newest. Demanding programs (such as MSFS) cause the old drivers to fail.

Lefteris Kalamaras - Founder




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Lefteris,You're right I do have a Soundblaster Live 5.1 card so I'll try your suggestion. Thanks for the response.Iain

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Problem solved thanks to Lefteris of PMDG! I thought I had installed the driver from my Creative CD (which seems to be the only driver available for my card) but when I dug deeper into my system I saw that dear ole Windows had got there first and it was XP default drivers that were in use! Eventually I found a way to force a change and got the driver from my CD installed. The 7373NG is airworthy once more. Thanks again!Iain

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