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  1. Barry, Charlie, thank you for your helpful suggestions. I will certainly pursue them. I quite like the idea of the free prog to validate and clean up the cfg. Regards Iain Smith
  2. Hi Barry, thanks for replying. I hadn't checked there and now I have I see that there is an area 267 but there is no title hence no file path stated. So I don't know what the scenery covers. The layer is 181 if that means anything. Iain Smith
  3. When I fire FSX-SE up I get a message "Scenery cfg file error. Invalid remote scenery path in scenery area 267. Click OK to continue." I click OK and FSX-SE goes on to load normally. I have looked at the scenery cfg file and there is no area 267 listed. Can anyone tell me what this is all about, please? Thanks Iain Smith
  4. Thanks Bjoern but I searched the Avsim library for that file but could not find it. The only sound file for the King Air is an update for the payware Caranedo version. Iain Smith
  5. Yes Bjoern, that's what I thought but I couldn't find any for the default King Air in the Avsim library. Have checked Windows sound settings and all is unchanged. Thanks for your response and suggestions. Iain Smith
  6. Thanks for all your replies. To answer your questions:- 1) This is only on the King Air. 2) Sound setup is unchanged and this problem has only recently started. 3) It's happening in VC mode. There is definitely nothing at all in the views I mentioned and they don't start after a delay. I'm thinking of changing the sound set but where to get a replacement? Iain Smith
  7. My King Air has no engine sounds when looking forward, forward/left or forward/right. Other views and external are ok. I've searched the file library for a replacement sound file but not found anything. I have set my FSX-SE sound setup to my speakers. Any suggestions either for a fix or source of sound file please? Iain Smith
  8. Thanks to all the others who responded after my last "thank you" post. You have all convinced me and, of course, I should have had more faith in PMDG - sorry Robert & team! Iain Smith
  9. Thank you emvaos, Beardyman, adamant365, the undecided and hu_willy for your encouraging replies. I guess I'll have to reconsider and negotiate with Mrs Smith to get the funds released! Thanks again. Iain
  10. I'm having doubts about spending 75 UK Pounds when I'm not sure my graphics card on FSX-SE is man enough. I have a Geforce GTX 550Ti with 1GB of VRAM running with an i7 3770k clocked at 4.4GHz and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. The rig has been running fine for almost 3 years and I get a reasonable performance when in the 737NGX or in the 777. In detailed airports (UK2000) such as Heathrow fps in low twenties, mid to high 30s elsewhere. It always looks quite smooth and fluid to my 73 year old eyes! I'd welcome any comments on how Queen II might run for me. Thanks. Iain Smith
  11. Ray Thanks for your help, that solved it. I had forgotten whether the multiline check box should be ticked or not. I ticked it and problem solved! Cheers! Iain
  12. Hello all - long time since I've had to post here. Searched for this problem but no luck. RC4 works but the transparent menu window does not show up. I know that 1 will get me clearance, 7 acks but it soon gets more difficult, especially if I miss a waypoint and am told I am off course. Then I want to request direct to but, of course cannot see which numbers to key. This has happened without me doing anything that would be likely to cause a problem. I have a paid for FSUIPC and the latest version. I am using Windows 10 but it has worked ok in this up till recently. Any ideas as to what I can try please? Iain Smith
  13. Sorry for the delayed response - I've been away for 10 days. Thanks Pedro for your helpful input and to Greg for confirming that it works. Regards Iain
  14. My C drive on which Windows 10 is installed plus other progs is also the drive on which Steam insisted on installing FSX (at least I didn't see any other option during the process). This C drive is 250GB and is now just over three quarters full so it has 49GB free. I'd like to move the 52GB of FSX to another 250GB drive that is almost empty which would leave the C drive with about 100GB free. If I uninstall FSX will Steam enable me to install it to my F drive? How do you uninstall in Steam? I'd appreciate any helpful suggestions. Thanks. Iain Smith
  15. That's it Steve - you've fixed it! I had C\Program Files\Steam and it should have been C\Program Files (x86)\Steam. Now I have installed the libraries without problem and when I run diagnostics I get four HINTS all related to VC shadows - e.g. "ForceVCShadowMap not set in cfg, VC shadows will only be shown when it is set in VC model" and "A/craft self shadowing not set in cfg, VC shadows will not be shown". I am not too bothered about VC shadows so I am happy. Thanks for your excellent support. Iain
  16. Steve, I was under the impression that DX10 fixer works with FSX Steam edition or maybe it's because I'm on Win 10 but having installed DX10 fixer it tells me the following:- Various shader files are incorrect and not the originals. It says I do not have an envmap.bmp file in FSX textures and I must restore the original file but I have a file of that name in that directory. It also makes a couple of false statements about my FSX.cfg file such as NUM_LIGHTS must be set to 8 when it already is and how HIGHMEMFIX should be set when it already is. When I try to install the libraries after clicking through I get an error message "Error copying C\Program Files (x86)\Steve's DX10 fixer\bkg.bmp. Error was 3." When I ok that I get the message about not having envmap.bmp in Texture. All this means I cannot use your DX10 fixer and I get trees showing up as black inverted triangles. Can you help, please? Iain Smith
  17. Yes, this is after downloading and installing v 1.016. Iain Smith
  18. I am running version 1.016 of the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 in FSX Steam edition. I understood from a post in January that version 1.012 and up is compatible with Steam but I have no engine sounds either inside or outside the cockpit. If I taxi I can hear the rumble and thump of the wheels along the taxiway but absolutely not a whisper from either engine. Has anyone else had this problem? If so what is the solution please? Iain Smith
  19. Sorry Dave but they're not. We're going to have to agree to disagree on this. I have all the recent traffic I have installed in FSX as well as the earliest FS9 traffic. Iain
  20. Got my traffic back in FSX-SE on Win 10. How? Simply by re-installing all my WoAI files in spite of them being a mix of FS9 and FSX traffic files. I must also say I'm getting very good frame rates and smoothness with Win 10 in DX10. I'm going to purchase Steve's DX10 fixer. Iain Smith
  21. This is a statement that seems to say a lot but actually imparts no information whatsoever. What do you mean Dave by "between your cfg and where you have your a/craft added lies the problem"? Iain Smith
  22. Well I have not found that to be true. I have a mix of WoAI traffic files and I see ones that I addded since moving to FSX as well as the FS9 ones. Anyway I started getting messages when starting FSX-SE about AI aircraft with duplicate titles. As I have both boxed and steam versions installed and as I don't use the boxed version I uninstalled that and deleted all the add-on and traffic files hoping that would solve the problem. However, I now get messages that there are duplicate titles for the flyable aircraft that I have installed but I cannot see how this can be or where the duplication is occurring. I've looked at the various aircraft cfg files but cannot find any instance of a duplicated title. So, the mysterious behaviour of my Steam installation continues. Iain Smith
  23. They are in the same location as they were in Win 7. No, I'm sure it didn't but it changed something! I'll keep battling with it in the hope of finding a solution. Iain Smith
  24. Well I hear what you say Dave but this has only happened since I upgraded. I've checked the file path in the cfg file but I'm not sure it is right. Against Simobject 6 it had the file path to my boxed version which is on my F drive. The SE version is on the default C drive. The other strange thing is that the file path for both versions ends in SimObjects\Airplanes\WOAI. But I don't have a folder WOAI - my WoAI traffic aircraft folders are all in the Airplanes directory. Could you look at your fsx.cfg file and tell me what that file path is, please? Thanks. Iain Smith
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